The Holosun Thermal: The Future of Optics?

Holosun Thermal from Classic Firearms
July 7, 2023  
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Thermal sights have become increasingly popular for various applications, including hunting, tracking, and security. Advancements in thermal optics technology have allowed higher resolution at more affordable prices, making these devices accessible to a broader user base. One such product that has generated excitement within the industry is the Holosun thermal sight (formally the Holosun DMS Series), which was announced at SHOT Show 2023.

Introducing the Holosun DMS Series

The Holosun DMS Series has been described as a “trailblazing hybrid system” that merges traditional red dot sights with night vision and thermal imaging capabilities. This technology could potentially transform the optics industry and set new standards in the market. Although the product remains in its prototype stage, Holosun anticipates releasing it in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Sportsman's Guide discussing the Holosun's new offerings at SHOT Show

Sportsman’s Guide discussing the Holosun’s new offerings at SHOT Show

Different Versions of Holosun Thermal Sights

The Holosun DMS Series will be available in three distinct versions, each catering to different user preferences and requirements:

  • Holosun DMS-NV: Featuring a traditional red dot sight and a night vision overlay, providing users with enhanced visibility during low light conditions.
  • Holosun DMS-TH: The standard thermal version integrates a thermal overlay for more advanced and precise imagery.\
  • Holosun DMS-TH Pro: The Pro version also offers a thermal overlay but with an upgraded HD thermal sensor for superior image quality and precision.


Holosun Thermal Red Dot: the DRS-NV is a red dot sight with nightvision built in.

DRS-NV Key Features

  • Red Dot Sight w/ Fusion Night Vision Overlay
  • Digital Zoom: Up to 8x
  • Onboard video recording
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Battery: Two 18350
  • Sensor Resolution: 1024 × 768
  • Battery Life: 5 hours
  • Window Size: 1.25 × 0.98 in


How do thermal sights work?

To understand the full potential of the Holosun DMS Series, it’s crucial to know how thermal sights function. Thermal sights work by detecting the heat signatures emitted by objects within their field of view. This is achieved through a thermal sensor that captures the infrared radiation released by various objects.

Holosun Thermal

A screenshot of the Optic at SHOT from Top Shot Dustin

This sensor then translates the detected heat into an electronic signal, which is subsequently processed into a visual image displayed on a screen. In the case of the Holosun DMS Series, the sight overlays the thermal or night-vision image atop the red dot, furnishing users with augmented vision capabilities for diverse applications.

Holosun Thermal Classic Firearms

Another shot from Top Shot Dustin from SHOT showing its augmented view.

Affordability and Pricing of the Holosun Thermal

Considering the advanced features the Holosun DMS Series provides, it’s reasonable to assume that these sights would carry a hefty price tag. However, the cost is surprisingly competitive compared to other high-end optics available on the market:

  • Holosun DMS-NV – Approx. $1,000
  • Holosun DMS-TH – Approx. $1,600
  • Holosun DMS-TH Pro – Approx. $2,300

These relatively affordable prices make Holosun’s thermal sights accessible to a broader audience, promoting their adoption among professional and enthusiast users alike.

Holosun Thermal from Classic Firearms

Holosun Thermal from Classic Firearms

Battery Life and Charging Options

Battery life is an important factor to consider when investing in a thermal sight for practical use. The Holosun DMS Series is expected to boast a battery life of approximately 5 hours on a single charge. While this may be a shorter battery life on the market, it should suffice for most users during regular usage.

Furthermore, the sight can be charged using an external power pack while it is still in operation, allowing users to continue using the sight without interruption as it charges.

The Broader Impact of the Holosun Thermal Series

Aside from its immediate benefits for individual users, the Holosun DMS Series exemplifies the continuing evolution of optics technology. As these advancements progress and costs decrease, it allows for more mainstream adoption of these devices, paving the way for further innovation and development in the industry.

Moreover, integrating thermal imaging and night vision technologies can lead to safer and more effective practices in various sectors, such as law enforcement, military operations, wildlife management, and even search and rescue missions.

What does it all mean?

The Holosun DMS Series is set to significantly impact the optics industry by seamlessly combining traditional red dot sights with night vision and thermal imaging capabilities.

Although much information regarding this new product is still confidential, the excitement surrounding the prototype demonstrates the potential for this innovation to revolutionize how rifle sights and thermal imaging technology are employed.

As Holosun continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of rifle sights, it’s clear that their commitment to innovation and quality will make a lasting impact on the industry. The Holosun DMS Series represents a breath of fresh air in the market of rifle sights and is likely to become a game-changer for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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