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Henry Repeating Arms H001TM
September 1, 2019  
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 Henry Repeating Arms. They’re as classy as they are classic and iconic. It’s not just Gus McRae who like ’em, neither. 

“Mister, you ever seen what a Henry rifle can do in the hands of somebody who knows how to use it?” Malachai Johnson



September 1, 2019

Henry Garden Gun Smoothbore .22 Shotgun

H001GG: The lever-action “Garden Gun” makes a comeback

Nobody’s made what they call the “garden gun” for nearly 20 years. I think the last company to do so was Marlin, but I could be wrong. I’ll ask Mike the Mook.

Henry "garden gun" lever action shotgun

Henry Rifles says, “Based on the classic H001, our H001GG features black ash wood stocks, and a smooth bore. Perfect for slinging shotshells at pests, the Garden Gun should ride by your side when you start the day’s chores.”

Regardless, Henry Repeating Arms sent out an email a couple of days ago saying they’re building one again. It’s built on the class Henry lever action .22 platform (which hit over a million sold in 2017) but delivers .22 caliber shotshell cartridges.


Henry "garden gun" lever action shotgun

The H001GG uses .22 caliber shotshells like this one.


Henry "garden gun" lever action shotgun

The 15 round capacity H001GG lever-action shotgun features an 18.5 in. round blued steel barrel that is void of any rifling to provide the “…perfect platform for slinging .22 LR shotshell projectiles in a tight pattern.”

Henry describes the rifle thusly:

“The black ash furniture provides a rugged look and sets this shotgun apart from the otherwise very similar Classic Lever Action .22. A blued steel hammer, lever, and trigger are at the heart of the exceptionally smooth action, which you must feel to believe. The adjustable rear sight and blade front sight provide all the accuracy you could need for the short-range shots that the Garden Gun is intended for. At a mere 5.25 lbs. and a compact overall length of 36.5” this is a trim package for grab-and-go convenience.”

The H001GG lever action shotgun in a photo by @Holtworks.

The H001GG lever-action shotgun in a photo by @Holtworks.


Henry's "Garden Gun" .22 smoothbore shotgun; photo by @Holtworks.

Henry’s “Garden Gun” .22 smoothbore shotgun; photo by @Holtworks.

Henry also says the following. You to ahead and read it, but do so in Sam Elliot’s voice.

“The Henry Garden Gun is one that belongs right by your side as soon as you walk out the front door to start the day’s chores. Tuck it next to the seat of your tractor or riding mower and have it at the ready for when something slithers into view through the grass, dispatch those barn-dwelling birds without dispatching the barn around them, or exterminate the mice that are turning your garden into a buffet. This smoothbore lever action is a workhorse that belongs in a toolbox just as much as a gun safe.”

You can learn some more about the H001GG at HenryUSA: https://www.henryusa.com/.

Want one? Find a Henry Rifles distributor near you.

Gus McRae gif

Oh, you don’t like Henry Rifles?


Gus McRae Lonesome Dove gif

Stupid, surly bartender.

May 6, 2018

Henry X1 at NRAAM

Earlier this year the Henry Repeating Arms company auctioned off its one millionth .22 lever action in support of the Hunting Heritage Trust of the NSSF. Judging by the response from social media, they may have topped that.

Henry Repeating Arms Co. Henry Rifle X1

The Henry X1 from Henry Repeating Arms.

What you see above is the Henry X1 Concept. It’s one of a one-off series of concept rifles representing Henry’s contemporary interpretation of the quintessential American Rifle. The X1 was built to “…emphasize the modularity of the Henry lever action platform.”

Henry Rifle Henry X1

How does the phrase go? Shut up and take my money

The X1 is based Henry’s steel 45-70 model. It features all-weather stocks, Midwest Industries MLOK handguard, and a Leupold Optics red dot.

Says Henry,

“Brush gun, truck gun, or big game getter, the Henry lever action platform is up to the task.”

Then they ask if they should it, to which I say, “Is a pig’s ass pork?” I wouldn’t mind a threaded barrel option, either. After all, shooting quietly is just polite.

This is a great way to show off that recently released handguard for the 45-70 (which has a 5-slot MLOK Pic rail).

Henry Rifle - MLOK Handguard

PS I don’t care about the loading gate issue. I’m not a purist, which is why I don’t mind the mocked up Winchester 1866 used in Silverado. I’m just glad they had ’em in the movie (especially Ezra’s).

Leupold Optics are also available at Quantico Tactical,  on Amazon, and on BDU.

Henry Rifle (@henry_rifle) is online at Henry USA.

Henry Rifle Henry X1

Are you at NRAAM 2018 in Dallas? Go see Henry Rifles yourself. They’re at booth 8251.

Henry Rifle boot - NRA Annual Meeting 2018

We’ll close with a few words from one of my favorite Henry rifle – totin’ lawmen ever.

Besides a whiskey, I think we will require a little respect. . . . If you care to turn around, you will see what we looked like when we was younger and the people around her wanted to make us senators. What we didn’t put up with back then was dawdlin’ service, and as you can see, we still don’t put up with it.

Ain’t much of a crime, whackin’ a surly bartender.”


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