Frazetta Friday: Happy Birthday Sir!

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| February 9, 2018
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The renowned artist was born today in Brooklyn in 1928 — we’re paying tribute to him all through February with Frank Frazetta Month. Breach Bang Clear

Brought to you today by Surgeon Rifles, a part of Strategic Armory Corps.

Frazetta Friday: Happy Birthday Sir!

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On this day in February, 1928, Brooklyn, New York greeted the arrival of Frank Frazetta. Frazetta, a motorcycle riding, cigarette smoking, paintbrush wielding damn genius, is an icon in the fantasy and science fiction world.

He began drawing for comic books at 16, worked for major comic book companies in the 50s. By the 60s he was painting covers for fantasy and science fiction novels, including the Conan sword and sorcery books then being brought back into the public eye by L. Sprague de Camp. He did an animated movie with Ralph Bakshi, was commissioned for work as varied as private commissions from Clint Eastwood to movie posters for Battlestar Galactica, and saw his paintings appear on the cover of albums such bands as Molly Hatchett and Nazareth.

 Frank Frazetta is, in our estimation, one of the greatest artists of all time. His works are timeless classics of masculinity, sexuality, and general badassery. February is Frazetta Month on Breach-Bang-Clear.

Frank Frazetta at work – the painting, when completed, would be called “Battlefield Earth.”


Frank Frazetta Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth, completed.

As you may have gathered, many of us here are huge fans.

Clint Eastwood commissioned Frank Frazetta to paint a movie poster for The Gauntlet.

Frazetta painting of Clint Eastwood for The Gauntlet

You can find many books about him and featuring his work here on the Frank Frazetta Amazon Author Page, including the recently released 2018 Frank Frazetta Wall Calendar.

Frank Frazetta fantasy art calendar

The 2018 Frazetta fantasy art calendar.The 2018 Frank Frazetta fantasy art calendar.

Paintings featured in the 2018 Frazetta calendar.

If you’d like to see some of Frazetta’s work in person, check out the Frazetta Art Museum, in East Stroudsburg, PA. You can find it online at You can also connect with Frazetta’s daughter and granddaughters on Facebook at /FrazettaGirls/, or via Instagram, @frazettagirls. Their website is

Read every installment of Frazetta Friday right here: Breach-Bang-Clear Frazetta Friday.

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We’re not comparing ourselves to these folks at all — hell, we’d be more qualified to join the Justice League. We’re just saying these are people you should know.


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