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After 10 years of publication, there’s plenty of good material to find on The Tactical Wire, much of it written by its editor, Rich Grassi. This excerpt is from about five years ago, and it addresses one of the fundamentals – grip.

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[T]he principal that governs handgun accuracy is trigger control….The problem is that we try to concentrate on three things at once – excluding judgment and discretion. Those things include the visual (sights and their relationship to the mark) and the tactile (trigger control). Aside from a little discussion, we drop the ball on the foundation of both: the grip.

Grip determines the relationship of the gun to the eyes – involving some sense of proprioception – and the point at which the index finger touches the trigger (and possibly the frame or trigger guard).

Part of the reason we discount grip is because of the nature of the beast. If you are facing extinction and the only thing between you and grass growing over you, grip is the least of your problems. How hard do you grip the handgun? Like your life depends on it.

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As Walt Kowalski, played by Clint Eastwood, so aptly demonstrates, old age and treachery can defeat youth and skill - learn from age and experience.
Walt Kowalski will show you the way.

Will that cause the gun to shake? Well, the body alarm reaction tends to cause trembling hands. Deal with it.

Read the original article in its entirety at the Tactical Wire, Editor’s Notebook: Foundation.

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