Gunhanger: A Convenient Way to Hang Armor and Store a Firearm

gunahanger with a rifle and pistols in the closet
February 20, 2023  
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One of the main issues that a lot of firearms users face is where to store their firearms and even where to hang their body Armor. The Gunhanger, first seen at ShotShow 2023 solves both of those issues with a convenient and hidden way to store your firearms in your closet and an easy way to throw your body armor into the closet without damaging it.

Gunhanger was conceived simply by realizing that a great number of folks have a shotgun leaned up against a closet wall for quick access. The downside of storing a firearm in such a way is that it can easily be…disturbed or discovered”. -Gunhanger

What is the Gunhanger?

The Gunhanger is a simple closet hanger with a long rod bolted onto it. The rod and hooks allow you to attach a firearm onto the rod, thus essentially “hanging it in their closet”. The rod can hold both rifles and pistols with different spacers and attachments. After the guns are placed, you can simply drape a jacket for the hanger and now it looks like there is a simple coat hanging up in the closet.

The pistols are held on by a rod-and-knob type of attachment. Simply place the handgun barrel onto the rod. The knob is used to loosen and unloosen the attachment piece to move it where you want it on the hanger. Long guns are held on by a cup-type holder on the bottom of the hanger for the stock, and an open holder on the top of the hanger holds the barrel of the gun.

rifle and pistols on the gunhanger

Notice that both a rifle and handguns can be hung on the gunhanger. Each of these accessories that hold the weapon to the rod can be placed wherever you see fit.

Options for Body Armor

The uses for this thing go from hanging firearms to hanging body armor. Many people struggle with figuring out how to store their body armor, not wanting to bend it or damage it. Armor can get heavy especially with the plates still inside. Some armor owners make their own makeshift hanger with wood creating an almost cross-like wood post. With Gunhanger simply hang your armor up as you would a coat and it’ll hang safely without losing its shape.

body armor on the gunhanger

Just like any coat hanger, the Gunhanger can be used to hang body armor as well. Most people throw their body armor on the floor or lean it against the wall, which can cause the armor to lose its shape. Hanging it up on a strong hanger like the Gunhanger causes no deformation to the armor.

What firearms are compatible with the Gunhanger?


The Barrel Retainer is designed with a 2-1/4 inch by 5-3/4-inch opening to accommodate a wide variety of barrels including a side-by-side shotgun. The barrel retainer may be positioned at any of the adjustment points.

Long Guns

The Stock Pocket is designed with a 2-1/8 inch by 5-3/4 opening, with a depth of 1-1/2 inch to securely position the stock of a long gun.


The Pistol Holder is designed with a 1/4-inch rod at 2-3/4-inch length. The pistol holder may be positioned at any of the adjustment points. Also included are three- 3/8 plastic spacers to accommodate different barrel lengths and attachment configurations. (THE PISTOL HOLDER WILL NOT ACCOMMODATE .22 CALIBER)

All Lengths of Firearms

The Adjustable Telescopic Tube is designed to provide multiple mounting points and telescopic extension at one-inch increments. This will accommodate up to a 52-inch-long gun.

gunhanger weapon mount accessories

Long guns are held onto the hanger by placing the stock of the gun in the cup and leaning the top barrel onto a holder. There are spaces for thicker/thinner barrels. Pistols can be placed on the other side of the hanger with a bolt on type accessory that allows for the pistol barrel to slide onto it. (Photo: Gunhanger)

Prices and Specifications

The Gunhanger product will ship with the hanger, rod, and attachments to fit one rifle and one pistol. Separate accessories can be ordered such as extra pistol holders. Assembly uses a 5/8 crescent wrench and an included Allen Wrench.

Gunhanger: $199.95
Extra Pistol Holders: $19.95

All of Gunhanger’s major components are formed, molded, machined, and packaged in the Great Northwest, with materials produced in the United States of America. -Gunhanger

From the Company

We spoke to the Company at Shot Show 2023. They stated that LE agencies really appreciate this product due to having an easy way to hang their armor. Gunowners have appreciated being able to keep their firearm in the front closet without freaking out their neighbors. They bolt the firearm to the hanger, throw a coat over it, and Gunhanger still allows them to have safe and easy access to their gun in times of need.

It’s worth it to note that even after Shot the owner of Gunhanger actually called me and followed up asking if I had any other questions or needs. That is true customer service.

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Saami Spec

Saami Spec

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