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| March 13, 2021
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GOATBoxCo is someone you need to check out if you’re looking for rugged and modular storage/carriage options. This could be for camping, work in remote locations, overlanding, or just running a simple counter-insurgency raid outside the wire. In other words, any sort of recreational activity that might require a cooler and an efficient way to stow gear. Check out these GOAT storage options.

GOAT Storage for Overlanding

Storage capacity in any RV is a significant consideration – like this Toyota Tacoma out for a leisurely drive. (Photo via Tacoma World.)

GOAT Storage

GOAT Box Co’s modular packages are based on a couple of foundational platforms: the HUB and the RACK.

Boiled down, the HUB is a space-optimized cooler. Like what you put your beer in, but way more badass. It has CAN options at each corner and a cargo net up front. This has the effect of making the HUB look like something you’d find in either that armory or the kitchen of the Rocinante. Maybe both.

GOAT Box Co's HUB cooler

(If you don’t know what the Rocinante is, modern or fabled, then maybe you’re reading the wrong blog. Just sayin’.)

The Roci (Rocinante), formerly the ECF 270 Tachi light frigate

Rocinante was the name of Don Quixote’s horse. It’s also the name of a Corvette class light frigate of the Marine Congressional Republic Navy in the television series The Expanse, based on James Corey’s novels.

It would also make for a sweet upgrade to your Toyota technical or NSTV.


Here’s how GOAT Box recently explained the HUB:

Yeah, it’s a heavy-duty, rotomolded cooler. And it’s so much more. The GOAT Hub 70 is the core of the GOAT system—the basecamp for your truck / boat / UTV / anything.

This thing was designed with intention. Load your pre-packed CANs from the garage into the HUB’s four corner turrets and you’re on your way without worrying about whether you packed the right gear for what lies ahead. This is all complemented with our X-shaped design that not only enhances thermal retention to hold ice longer but also adds balance and stability, whether you’re using it as a seat on the duck boat or a step to reach the solar panels on your adventure van.

GOAT Box HUB Cooler

HUB cooler: “commercial-grade cooling performance…heavy duty, rotomolded, pressure injected, commercial grade Freeze Frame insulation.


GOAT Storage: the HUB with a CAN at each corner

The HUB’s integrated gear storage. “Integrated gear storage turrets accept interchangeable gear storage CANs.”


HUB Quick-Stash cargo net

“Quick-Stash Cargo Net”: the detachable quick-stash cargo net keeps crucial items close at hand.


Non Standard Tactical Vehicle: a technical

You building out a “recreational” technical for use during dystopian adventures and shopping during periods of urban unrest? Ya might check out The Hub from GOAT Box Co!

You can learn more about The Hub online here: https://goatboxco.com/pages/hub-page


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