BREAKING ⚠️ Glock Holsters Don’t Fit Smiths or SIGs

Shocking news has reached us from the cold, feculent shores of far-off French Creek. Apparently, Glock Holsters Don’t Fit Smiths or SIGs.

Raven Concealment Systems Perun and Perun LC OWB holsters.

It appears the Perun and Perun LC holsters manufactured by Raven Concealment Systems for the Glock handgun will not accommodate Sig Sauer and Smith & Wesson pistols. At least not without modification.

A whoooole lot of modification.

Apparently (and unfortunately) there was enough confusion about the matter that RCS management was forced to put a clause in the Perun product description on their website.

Using a bright, red, giant font, RCS now advises the following:

PLEASE NOTE: .40 S&W and .357 Sig are calibers of ammunition. This Perun will accommodate GLOCK pistols chambered in either of those two calibers. Do not order this holster thinking it will accommodate a Sig or S&W pistol simply because those words are also part of the name of a caliber, because it will not. It is a GLOCK holster.

Should you go to buy a Perun LC, including the recently released Perun LC for Glocks wearing a Streamlight WML, you should keep this in mind.

In other news, the vast majority of universal holsters really aren’t.

Grunts: feculent.

Note: this was indeed written in a sarky fashion. That’s intentional. Let’s take a moment to be serious, however.

If you are purchasing something as important as a holster (make no mistake, a good holster is important), and you’re not entirely sure what would be appropriate for how you’ll be carrying, then ask someone. Yes, there will be people who poke fun at you (maybe us!) but don’t let that stop you from trying to learn. If someone tells you, “Everyone knows that,” then consider tuning them out, because they’re either full of shit or being condescending. Everyone does not know that. If everyone did know that, we wouldn’t need basic classes, there’d be no need to remind people to practice the fundamentals, and lots of writers, reviewers, videographers, et al would be out of work.

Few of us know what we don’t know. Seemingly innocuous things might actually be significant. Ask the question. There are a number of good social media groups out there that will sincerely try to help you and any number of instructors who genuinely want to educate and inform. If you want us to, we’ll start an occasional series discussing some of the places we think are good sources of information.

If you are someone who does now, don’t be a patronizing dickhead. That’s not doing anyone any good and being sanctimonious just makes you look like an asshat — which doesn’t mean you can’t take the piss a bit.

Raven Concealment Systems - Pocket Carry Essentials.

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