Glock Binary Trigger Options (Including One for Warlords)

Glock Binary Trigger (G-Flex)
July 1, 2023  
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A couple of Glock binary trigger (e.g., reflex) options are currently available. The one we’re currently checking out is the G-Flex…mostly because they say “bang it twice every single time”, which we like. And it’s described as “Warlord class.”

What does that mean? We’re not entirely sure, probably nothing more than moto stuff, but we damn sure like the sound of it. 

Binary trigger gif


Binary Trigger for Glocks: Double Down


BLUF: Sig Glockincolt and Tactical Sh!t are taking pre-orders for the G-Flex binary trigger. 

All G-Flex variants

Reflex trigger for Glock Gen 3

Reflex trigger for Glock Gen 4

Reflex trigger for Glock Gen 5


local warlord patch

The local warlord patch…wear it to proclaim your status at the next HOA meeting.


For the first time ever, enhanced pull and release firing capability is here for Gen 3, Gen 4, and Gen 5 Glock firearms. Introducing the G-Flex Binary Trigger for Glock pistols!

The G-Flex trigger is engineered with what is called Reflex Trigger Technology. That means fires one round when the trigger is pulled rearward, then a second “reflex” round when the trigger is released forward. This could potentially give you lightning-fast split times…though we’ll need to get it on the range to see how it impacts accuracy.

Glock 19 binary trigger

A Glock19 binary trigger; we think. Might be a different model, we’re not sure. We’ve been day drinking while we write this.

The G-Flex is manufactured from professional-grade materials and designed for easy drop-in installation. The G-Flex is manufactured with aerospace-grade stainless steel and is built to perform under pressure and hard use. You’ll harness elevated speed and effectiveness with unmatched strength and reliability.

The G-Flex has been engineered with what the ATF wanted; a patented secondary DISCONNECTOR makes it physically impossible for the G-Flex to achieve automatic firing.



·         Trigger Bar

·         Enhanced Bar Guide

·         Trigger Return Spring

·         Trigger Housing

·         Trigger Shoe



·         Style: Reflex

·         Model: G-Flex

·         Platform: GLOCK 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 19X, 45, 47, 31, 32, and 33

·         Fit is generation specific

·         Weight: 5 ounces

·         Material: Aluminum/Steel


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  1. jamesp

    This has no “off” switch does it? its committed full binary all the time correct? unless after the first shot you drop the mag and manually cycle eject the second cartridge all while holding the trigger back correct? or am i missing something here?

  2. lil top37

    Will this work on just the G23 mines have no GEN number on the fire arm ?

  3. Julian

    It’s just cause the frame is bigger so it would have to be specific for the model for the smaller calibers it’s close to universal they’re all similar in frame size

  4. Clueless

    Amen Joshua!

  5. Clueless

    In line with some of the fitment & availability questions, Will I be able to carry 2 rounds in the chamber (.45 automatic colt pistol & 10 m.m.) with this trigger installed? I’ll pay to have it “professionally” installed of course.

  6. Joshua Bressel

    Edit: I meant to say the only classes it can’t work in, other than the models excluded in the list are those. If you have a Gen 2
    3, Gen 4, or Gen 5 Glock, and the model isn’t on that list, IT WON’T WORK!!! THERE IS NO TRIGGER, RIGHT NOW, FOR LARGE FRAME GLOCKS in .45ACP or 10mm!!!!

  7. Joshua Bressel

    People who keep asking will it work on my Gen 4 G W-whatever, YES! Just read the dang description instead of asking others to spoon feed you the answer. The only Glocks it can’t work on are Gen 1s, Gen 2s, and micro compacts, like the G42, 43, 43X, and 48, and of course the G18, but if you have a G18, you don’t need this.

  8. Ryan Campbell

    Do u have a binary for a glock 48? My phone is acting weird it won’t let me find a search bar thanks in advance and a price would be dope aswell

  9. Jeremiah martin

    Will it work forma glock 21 ?

  10. John P

    I’m wanting one for my Glock 29 gen 4 are there any

    • Alexander

      Does G-flex trigger work for Glock 29?

  11. Michael Gibson

    Yes want to get a binary trigger for p80 will these work on mine..

  12. Tony

    Will it for gen4 Glock 20

  13. Byron

    Does any of these fit a glock 29?

  14. John

    Need you guys to develop one for the G43 plz!

  15. Zackary J Burrell

    Because it’s big asf

  16. Kedrick Wright

    How come 45 apc is always left out. For glock models 30 & 21?


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