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February 17, 2022  
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Who doesn’t love a good sling? It’s the holster for your long gun. These days we have all manner of modern tactical slings to choose from. VTAC, Blue Force Gear, Arbor Arms, and so many more. One more company to throw their hat into the ring is Gat Monkey. I got hands-on with their Flannel sling and have nothing but nice things to say.

Who is Gat Monkey?

Gat Monkey is a small American company, veteran-owned, that produces a variety of awesome slings. Gat Monkey slings are a little different because they imbue their slings with a sense of style. Style matters. Well, it can matter. Half the battle is about looking cool, and Gat Monkey’s unique prints will undoubtedly make you look cool.

Gat Monkey slings come in a variety of prints and colors.

I chose the Flannel sling, but it’s not the only print they produce. They have an awesome donut print, tons of Hawaiian print slings, and prints like Baninime, Los Muertos, and many more. These simplistic 1-inch wide two-point slings are quite standard for modern slings and are made from polyester webbing.

Why Go Fancy

Why not? If I wanted a high-end sling for my tactical carbine or shotgun, I might go with a VTAC or Vickers sling, but for the majority of my fun firearms, I’d stick something like the Gat Monkey on it. The Gat Monkey slings look slick and not so serious. Plus, the prices aren’t bad at about 40ish bucks per sling. Cheaper than the lower parts kit in my APC9K.

The Gat Monkey sling attachment allows for rapid adjustment.

These slings are only 1 inch wide, making them a little thin for full-powered weapons. It won’t break under the weight of your weapon but might be uncomfortable tugging on your shoulder the whole time. Wider slings typically displace weight better.

Does It Work?

Heck ya, it does. The Gat Monkey slings provide a tactical, quick-adjust two-point style sling. The forward mount is made from metal and allows you to adjust the sling from tight to loose rapidly. The Gat Monkey is a little different than most, and it takes a little practice to make those rapid adjustments.

Laying down lead with the Gat Monkey Flannel wasn’t an issue.

Pull the adjustment tab upwards and then adjust. Most rifle slings adjust via a press forward or a pull rearward. It takes some practice to get used to, but once you do, you can rapidly adjust the sling from loose to tight without issue. I ran the flannel sling on my APC9K and ran through the OPOTA SMG qual.

This drill requires a variety of positions, a reload, standing to the prone position, and a transition from the main firearm to a handgun. Lots of little sling work, and the sling held up. It presented itself as easy to adjust and plenty supportive. The adjustment device has a sling bit or paracord for an easier pull, but nothing says you can’t drop a loop or something else as a pull tab.

At 1 inch, it’s best for lighter weapons like AR-15s or subguns

Slings in Color

Sometimes black, olive, and FDE are great. Other times you want your sling to match your tactical flannel, right? With a Gat Monkey sling, that’s plenty possible. So check ’em out here and let us know what you think below.



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