FN Reflex: a Micro 9 CCW pistol from FN America

on the range with the FN America Reflex micro9 pistol
April 11, 2023  
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The FN Reflex and FN Reflex MRD are the initial two versions of FN America’s Micro 9 CCW pistol. Designed to fight in the same class as the P365, Hellcat, and similar pistols, the FN Reflex is smaller than its 509 Compact cousin but capable of carrying comparable amounts of ammunition. Read on. We’ll tell you what you need to know about the pistol (and where you can find an in-stock FN Reflex for sale).


  Shooting the FN Reflex Micro 9 pistol.  


FN Reflex for Sale: Where to Get Yours


We always start with Gun.Deals. It’s the best place to see what is in stock and to compare prices. Keep in mind this is a recent release, so it might not be available yet.


Primary Arms

Rainier Arms  


REFLEX: Micro 9 from FN America


FN America describes the Reflex, in part, thusly:

“The FN Reflex is capable of achieving match-grade accuracy from its a 3.3-inch cold hammer-forged barrel, which is housed within a 6.2-inch slide that has front and rear cocking serrations for easy slide racking and press checks. Both models are configured with three-dot iron sights with a tritium front night sight that aids in low light sight acquisition.

Micro red dot (MRD) models have a factory-milled slide to direct mount a micro red dot in a few minutes. The optics mount features a top plate that is removed to install a micro red dot and includes mounting screws. The optic mounting system is compatible with the Shield RMSc, Holosun K-series and is capable of accepting more than six micro red dot optics with similar footprints.

Configured with the smallest optics, the FN Reflex MRD is extremely low profile, making deep concealment even easier with reduced snag points under cover garments.”  



  • CALIBER: 9mm
  • OPERATION: Internal Hammer Fired SAO
  • MAG CAPACITY: 10 or 11/15 Rd.
  • WEIGHT: 18.4 oz.
  • TWIST RATE: 1:10 RH
  • HEIGHT: 4.27″
  • WIDTH: 1″
  • TRIGGER PULL: 4.5-5.5lb.
  • SIGHT RADIUS: 5.05″


Shooting the FN Reflex over a vehicle door on the range.

Both versions of the Reflex are equipped with three-dot sight that have an orange circle tritium insert on the front blade. On the MRD, these would likely be secondary, as the Reflex is compatible with the RMSc, Holosun K-series, and several other optics utilizing that footprint.


FN Reflex Features

1. Dimensions are 1-inch wide, 4.25 inches tall, 6.3 inches OAL; weight = 18.4 ounces

2. MRD version accepts Holosun K series, Shield RMSc, and similar footprint optics

3. Three-dot sights with orange circle tritium front sight; sight radius is 5.05 inches

4. Target-crowned, cold hammer-forged barrel is 3.3 inches long

5. Accessory rail for microlights and/or lasers

Features of the FN Reflex MRD and slick-top MRD ccw pistols

6. Trigger breaks somewhere between 4.5 and 5 pounds

7. Palm texture is in-mold stippled on both sides

8. Magazines available in 10-, 11-, and 15-round versions; the latter creates an extended grip

9. Front and back straps textured with horizontal scales

10. 6.2 inch slide with front and rear cocking serrations; MRD version is factory milled for optics


reloading the FN Reflex pistol

FN America’s Micro 9 utilizes 10, 11, and 15-round magazines. The latter is flush fit and provides and extended grip.


FN Reflex accessories: the front rail of FN America's Micro 9 will easily accept micro lights and lasers.

FN Reflex accessories: the front rail of FN America’s Micro 9 will easily accept such micro lights and lasers as the TLR-7 Sub, the Surefire XSC, and others.


Reflex Holster


In addition to the weapons themselves, FN America has made the Reflex Holster available. The Reflex Holster is a thin-profile, injection-molded Inside the Waist Band (IWB) rig designed to give Reflex-buyers an immediate carry option (though we expect to see numerous after-market options make themselves known with a quickness).


Drawing from the Reflex holster, strong side IWB.

Drawing from the Reflex holster, strong side IWB.


Putting it away: reholstering in the Reflex holster worn AIWB style.

Putting it away: reholstering in the Reflex holster worn AIWB style.



Learn more at the FN Reflex series page  

Watch the FN America release video



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