Review: Flagrant Beard Leather Wallet

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| December 17, 2016
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Review: Flagrant Beard Leather Wallet

Big Joe

A few moons ago Flagrant Beard sent me their Flagrant leather wallet via pony express. I was pretty excited to receive the wallet and put it through its paces. I wasn’t excited because it was something free or new, I was excited because wallets aren’t something people put a ton of thought into. Most people go to the store, grab whatever wallet’s cheapest and own it for a few years until it’s time to buy another one. The Flagrant wallet, on the other hand, deserves thoughtful consideration.

At first glance you’ll notice a very slick and simple outside with pretty sharp stitching. One side is slick with nothing but the unique Flagrant Beard logo. On the other side you notice a quick access pocket for your go-to items. I really like this feature, because you can stash your debit card in this pocket and don’t even have to open the wallet to get it out. For me this equals cool guy points. Have you ever been in line at the stop and rob waiting for someone to thumb through their wallet for their debit card or cash, while they sort through a year’s worth of gas receipts? This little pocket prevents that from happening.

Inside is a clear window for an ID. On the other side are two pockets where the user can put a library card and some folded up fetia.  The clear window is a pretty nice feature. This allows you to keep your ID in the wallet and not have to remove it when buying Newports at the store.

Now that all of the technical hocus pocus is out the way I can do some more ‘splainin. I carried this wallet in a variety of ways from my front pocket, back pocket, cargo pocket, and even my prison pocket. I discovered that any of these are viable options because the wallet is slim enough that it really doesn’t take up much room anywhere you put it.

Let me digress for a moment and explain that this isn’t your daddy’s billfold. It wasn’t designed to carry receipts, Blockbuster card, AARP card, business cards, and AAA card. It’s made for an ID, a few emergency bills and a few credit cards. I hate to say it, but if you’re going to your local Nancy’s Squat and Gobble to support single moms you won’t be able to keep all your bills in it.

I have no qualms with the durability on this wallet. It’s made from full grain English bridal leather which equals strength and durability with weather resistance built in. The only downfall to this wallet, and it’s no too much really, is the clear ID window. I had to clean it off a few times from dust and pocket lint finding its way inside. If the window wasn’t cleaned on a regular basis I could see it becoming pretty dirty and tarnished, but only after a very long time.

To recap: Flagrant Beard makes pretty damn good stuff. So instead of wasting money every few years on a crap Chinese-made wallet, invest in the Flagrant wallet. Nancy and her staff at the Squat n’ Gobble will be glad you did.


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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