First Impressions | The First Tactical Medium Duty Light

First Tactical may be new, but the people behind it certainly are not. Read up on one of their pocket light options below.  

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Here’s a quick “first impressions” piece on one of two items that arrived in my pouch from the good folks at First Tactical. First Tactical is an exciting new business founded by Dan Costa, founder of 5.11 Tactical, to meet the needs of all kinds of Public Safety professionals with new, innovative ideas and products in the tactical industry. But enough of the waffle, let’s see the light.

The First Tactical Medium Duty Light
First Tactical MDL

This is the aptly-named Medium Duty Light. It’s built of an aerospace-grade anodized aluminum and covered in both large and small lugs for grip all the way to the bezel. It features a large opening, reversible pocket clip for easy draw and gripping in inclement weather. The tail-cap press button offers two light settings from the LED; 274 lumens on high, stepping down to 16 lumens at the low level. That tails-cap button also allows momentary-on switching, for those times you just need a squirt.

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The First Tactical Medium Duty Light

The light is powered by two AA batteries, offering a 3 3/4 hour runtime on high power, and 165 hours on low. The light tops out at 159mm (6.3″) long but only 23mm (0.91″) in barrel diameter from those AA’s, and weighs in at 144g (3.3oz), so it punches above its weight. High beam distance is 130m, low beam distance 31m with a 14″ hotspot, and a smooth transition to a 70″ flood area.

The First Tactical Medium Duty Light

Two really nice features are the swappable 30mm (1.2″) bezel, which comes as a flat crown but is easily unscrewed to fit the mean-looking strike bezel. The second feature is the adjustable bungee finger loop, which threads through holes in the clip and fits around the outside of the knuckle really nicely. This is my first purpose-built light fingerloop, and I like it thus far.


It’s a solid little light, unobtrusive and functional. Totally up for Medium Duty applications.


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