Tomahook: a ‘tactical axe’ worthy of Cormac mac Airt and Buliwyf

boker tomahook review
September 2, 2013  
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The Tomahook™ is a new BRWFFI (that’s the convnient acronym for Battle Ready War Fighting Field Implement) by Boker Plus. It’s from Max Venom and it is not your typical “tactical tomahawk”. As such it’s worth a look, whether you’re a door-kicker deployed overseas, a mean looking fucker whose awesome beard is braided to look like the Predator’s jaws or anyone played by Vladimir Kulich.

Designed with the assistance of a US Army veteran (the designer’s brother, actually) and field tested by the Fianna, the Tomahook is a described (rightfully) as an “all things considered” approach to the modern combat tomahawk or battle axe. It’s built to do work, whether that work is hewing some rambunctious insurgent’s skull, breaching a door or skinning and quartering some critter you intend to eat.

According to Max Venom, “It is necessary that modern battle implements are able to traverse a full spectrum of field applications in order to justify the commitment of carrying it onto the battlefield. In this regards, many attempts to capture the functionality of the Tomahawk or Battle Axe fall short, in fact WAY SHORT.”

The Tomahook was designed to accommodate that full spectrum of field operations. It is, as they put it, “Part Celtic, Native American and Viking inspired…”

As part tool, part weapon, you can use it to fight or work (or a combination of both). It hasa  5.75″ primary edge and a “skull-crushing back spike” tailor made for showing that naughy Muj or home invader’s brains to the world. You can reverse your grip to employ it as a baton or choke your grip up for a precision hold for those delicate cuts (not necessarily for flaying a Taliban or pedophile alive, though it would certainly work).

The Tomahook is 1095 steel, 5.75″ primary cutting edge, 18.5 overall length, 5.625″ width with a .625″ thick handle of G10 material.

In all seriousness, if you legitimately need an axe-like tool for use in the bush or as a fighting implement in the field you need to check out the Tomahook. It’s in full scale production now by Boker Plus and at its current introductory price retails for $118.78.

Diord Fiann; Glaine ar gcroí, Neart ar ngéag, Beart de réir ar mbriathar




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