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February 9, 2015  
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In a world where any idiot with the internet can buy a kydex pressing kit on eBay, copy a popular design, and hangup a, “Custom” shingle, it can be hard to stand out. Well, Raven Concealment has remained on top of the heap, not because they’ve been around the longest but because they regularly produce high quality innovative holsters. We’ve all been fans of Raven Concealment for quite some time and make no bones about it. Read up on this new one. Mad Duo

Mad Duo and RCS Eidolon

Raven Concealment Systems has been working on a new holster system for quite some time now. We’ve heard rumors of this mystery holster for the last couple years, and even managed to sneak brief looks at the prototypes. Everyone involved with the project kept it locked in the down-low, but their excitement and enthusiasm was impossible to conceal. The general consensus was that this new holster, whatever it turned out to be, was going to be one hell of a design. 


The Eidolon has finally been released; RCS has not only delivered a new design, but a whole new family of holsters.

The system is based off an extremely strong, lightweight polymer holster that offers a low profile and modular capability. After constructing the Phantom line of holsters for over 10 years and inventing the Vanguard system, RCS has taken their extensive knowledge of concealed carry to a whole new level. Having gained the insight of numerous shooting professionals from multiple communities, they collected this information and created a design to match. 


After years of development, design changes and tweaks, and feedback from those that live on the range, they settled on the ideal holster. The Eidolon. This new design offers a variety of options allowing you to configure the system to your own specifications. Appendix carry has become the preferred mode of handgun carry for many, and the RCS Vanguard 2 has become the standard of which all other minimalist holsters are judged. It is for this reason that it is so often copied, but it is not without fault. RCS has always instructed Vanguard users to remove the holster from the belt before returning the gun. This is a prudent safety measure, but an annoyance for training and quickly reholstering to go hands-on. While they approached this issue with other Kydex based designs, the company sought out a high strength polymer solution. The Eidolon is the result: super thin and fast on the draw but barely more overt than the minimalist Vanguard 2. 


The core of the holster is currently being made in two lengths, for the popular Glock models most likely to be found on the belts of armed professionals worldwide. The first model is molded for the Glock 26 and 19, but features an open bottom which allows longer barreled models to fit as well. This universal design works well for those who shuffle between carry guns, allowing you to choose the best pistol for your intended application without the need to reconfigure anything or don a completely different holster. The ambidextrous design allows the various attachments to be swapped to the opposite side, should you need to. This streamlines the ability of an organization to only order one kit for all its members, with no worries about hand dominance. 


The second variant, the “Glock 17” model is slightly longer for those primarily carrying longer barreled guns. Ideal for the G17 and G22, you can still use it with shorter Glocks. This model also has a semi-enclosed bottom, which will accommodate extended length suppressor barrels. 

Basically you want this version if you carry a fullsize, the shorter version if you carry a G19. Both will allow you to carry fullsize, compact and sub-compact framed pistols, but you should choose the model which is ideal for your main carry piece. 


But wait…there’s more! Different shooters have different holster preferences. Knowing this, RCS added the options of either a short or long body shield. This provides two degrees of standoff, to keep the weapon’s slide from touching your body. The longer body shield  extends all the way to the back of your weapon’s slide, and protects the pistol from sweat. The thin polymer walls will not interfere with your draw, and act as a funnel of sorts for reholstering. We have already tried to bend the wings of the shield out of shape, but they return to shape as soon as its released. You are really going to have to go out of your way to make this holster fail!


Lastly we will look at the attachments that go with the holster. The Eidolon really is a true “system,” with seemingly limitless configurations. You can mount it with the RCS molded polymer belt loops, which we feel is going to become the most popular configuration. You can use one, but preferably two of these hooks to attach the holster to your belt. The belt hooks make for easy and quick donning or doffing of the holster. They also allow you to adjust the cant of the holster. You can also use the more common “soft loops,” as found on the Vanguard 2, or the supplied extension wings to push your belt attachment further out.

The Wedge and the Claw.

These two unique attachments are possibly the most interesting of aspects of the Eidolon system. The wedge is a hard rubberized attachment that installs along the lower portion of the holster, and pushes the entire setup upward and outward. It also creates a standoff from you lower abdomen/crotch area. Diagonally opposite of The wedge, you find the attachment point for The Claw. This strange looking curved polymer piece pushes against your belt and pants, which forces the pistol inward. These two attachments used together allow the pistol to ride comfortably, with very little movement. Its hard to explain, but it makes a world of difference.


The whole system is extremely comfortable, as much as carrying a few pounds of steel against your body can be. The adjustable retention is great, and allows for secure carry and quickly drawing your pistol with minimal movement. Molded to accept pistols with tall sights and red dot sights installed, RCS has created a truly unique and innovative system. The first series of the Eidolon sold out in under 24 hours. This is a huge vote of confidence by RCS customers, and We are sure to see the reviews come pouring in shorty.You can check the Eidolon out here, and will see the system become available over the next few months.


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Mad Duo

Mad Duo

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  1. Russ

    “Sold out in under 24 hours”

    No kidding! I got the email to buy the pre release. However I did not order till the next morning. They were all gone.

    Have been modifiying some g-code incogs to do similar with a claw type thing but when I saw this raven concealment that was the answer I had been looking for. Want to be able to keep the but tucked in during appendix carry.

  2. Kurt

    Looks like the wedge design is a kydex knock off of the Invictus by Garritys Gunleather.

  3. Tchase

    Looks like an awesome product. I would love to own one, or even a VG2, but I have an XDM, and both are made for Glock or S&W. Are we going to get versions on other guns?

  4. JNZ

    I got the long and wish I had gotten the short. I’m really not sure why the wings on the long are so long and on both sides. It’s an ambidextrous holster so that makes sense, but I’d recommend the short to most people.

    I am not at all crazy about how the long tabs feel with gun removed and running or in uncommon shooting positions.

    Other than that… RCS makes excellent gear. It’ll be funny to see CompTac and BladeTech holsters starting to come with wedges and claws. Copycat knockoff BS, but what can you do!?

  5. Lester Levinson

    Looks really nice. Do you have a catalog to send out? I alternate carry between a S&W M&P 9mm and a AMT Hardballer 45. I’d like to get a holster for each of them. How can I order some, and how much are they?


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