EDC: Some Thoughts from MJ

Every Day Carry (EDC) is an increasingly popular topic, which we think is a Good Thing whether you’re a civilian, off duty, mall ninja or single dancing MILF on her way to that stage and pole. This is Matt Jacques from Victory First talking about EDC on Trigger Time, but we’d be interested to hear what you carry. Hopefully some sort of medical kit, perhaps a “field pharmacy” in your vehicle (especially if you’re on some sort of prescription medication or have some serious allergies). Personally we’re fans of the small flashlight in a pocket as well as a weapon mounted light if you’re carrying concealed (that’s the only thing we don’t like about the Glock 26, in fact, is the lack of rails).

Do you have any specific considerations for EDC on your person or in your vehicle? (Note: condoms for that fateful meeting with a fat chick are a given.) If you carry anything the shaved wookie in this video didn’t mention, please sound off.


If you have a minute, head over the Victory First Facebook page and give it a Like – tell the shaved wookie that the Mad Duo sent you. While you’re there, you should check for upcoming classes. This hairy-faced trisomic brute can teach. It should be on your list of must-attend classes.

Mad Duo Clear!

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