The Drive to Devour – Visiting Vegas

Brought to ya by Varusteleka. No we can’t pronounce it either. Because it’s Finnish. From Finland. Run by Finns.

Drive to Devour: Visiting Vegas With Varusteleka

“Worth It” Looks at Buffets

Mad Duo

We like to eat. Maybe you do too. If you’re headed to Sin City for some reason, you should know where to eat. Varusteleka (@varusteleka) asked us to help you make your decision.

[Note: at some point you should read this cautionary tale here, wherein Nico the Sicilian gives some advice on what to expect. Later set aside time to read through the Tactical Hippie’s SHOT Show AAR here.]

For now, however, let’s talk about buffets — they’re all over Vegas, as anyone who has been there knows.

Worth It is a show begun by Steven Lim; it it he and co-star Andrew Ilnyckyj go to different restaurants on varying ends of the price spectrum, try the chow, then compare ’em for relative value. Think three different restaurants, with a steak from each; one that’s $15, one that’s $50, one that’s $100. Sometimes they get really out there, like thousand dollar sandwiches and whatnot.

In this episode they compare three different buffets in Vegas. Some of you might be interested in what they find out.

At 1:10 they check out the Feast Buffet in the Red Rock Casino ($8.99 for the breakfast buffet);

At 4:25 they hit the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan ($49.00);

At 8:23, the Sterling Brunch, BLT Steak at Bally’s ($95).

Their final rundown begins at 12:23.

Worth It is extraordinarily popular. A 15 minute video may generate more than 10 million view on YouTube in short order. In fact, the two dozen or so episodes they’ve posted so far have an aggregate total of something like 300 million views. Check ’em out if you get time.

Now. This lady wants you to read everything in this series. Do not disappoint her. Click the image — anywhere you’d like — and check things out (just remember as of this writing we aren’t too far into the series).

It sounds like gynecological instrument, but it’s not. It’s actually a pretty badass place to buy gear.

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