Body Armor Stink? Fight the Sweaty-Kevlar Funk

ElimiShield Hunt Scent Elimination for Hunters and Core Body Foam is FDA approved.
| October 9, 2018
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“My bulletproof vest smells,” you might say. Or perhaps you ask, “How do I keep my body armor from stinking?” Sweat-soaked body armor has an odious stench all its own. Many of you reading this are aware of that. One minute you’re throwing your vest on…the next you’re trailing a capric effluvium that renders even the anosmic weak in the knees. There are a couple of ways of keeping that body armor from smelling, but ElimiShield can also be used on your nasty self.

Grunts: capric; effluvium; anosmicThat’s a three-fer, you’re welcome. 

by Amanda Rose

It’s the middle of the summer, 90 degrees outside with a 67% humidity index.

You’re carrying a full duty load, level 3-body armor, wearing thick heavy tactical pants, standing on the side of an asphalt road with a 71-year-old driver who moves at the pace of a sloth.

“Ma’am,” you say, trying to ignore the sweat crawling down your neck and back, “I need your license. This is a Costco card.”

You wait patiently as the blistering sun beats down on you. Your shirt is drenched and now your legs are sweating. You feel it dripping down into your socks and think to yourself, “I didn’t know even my shins could sweat.”

Eventually, you make it back to your vehicle.  You’ve got that AC blasting and as you sit down your vest rides up, forcing a gust of noisome nastiness up into your face.

“Heavenly Lord,” you choke. ” That reeks.”

You’ve applied your deodorant, you’ve changed your shirt already, you’re pretty sure you showered this morning, and you washed your vest over the weekend, but…

ElimiShield Hunt Scent Elimination for Hunters and Core Body Foam will remove noxious odors from your equipment.

Anyone who has had to wear body armor of any kind knows that the smell of sweaty soaking Kevlar is its own unique odor. One that is unmatched and unshakable. When you finally get to remove it at the end of watch, it brings a level of pleasure very few will ever understand. So you get out that swift bottle of Febreze and for a half of second all is right in the world.

Until you get that bad smell mixed with a good smell, smell, bow your head and go home.

Deodorize your bulletproof vest with ElimiShield.

This was my life for about the last ten years between the military and law enforcement. No one likes to smell bad, especially as a woman, because as we all know “Women don’t smell. But I couldn’t escape it!

News flash. Women smell too, and sometimes they outright stink. I know it sounds crazy, and I’m sorry to be the one to tell you the truth and crush your dreams, but don’t worry. Santa is real. I know this because last Christmas he brought me something that changed my life forever.

It’s called ElimiShield Hunt: Scent Elimination for Hunters and Core Body Foam.

ElimiShield Core Body Foam stops odors before they begin rather than just masking them.

Do not be deceived by its name or intended purpose. Can we just remember how many uses potatoes have for a second?

This stuff is like magic, and it’s FDA approved. Its original purpose is to eliminate human scent for 48 hours so animals can’t detect you. The company also makes laundry detergent, sprays, and body foam.

Many products can stop a smell after it is produced, but that is just a temporary mask. ElimiShield stops the odor before it is produced.

Body Odor: Fight the Funk

We’ll begin with the ElimiShield Core Body Foam. This may be the most incredible thing I’ve ever come across. Between you and I, I don’t even use deodorant anymore. Core Body Foam is my deodorant. I know, that probably sounds gross. Although I’m single, I promise it’s not because of this.

Here’s how it works.

You shower as usual and apply the ElimiShield body foam (which does not have a scent) once you’re dry. You can literally apply it anywhere, and I mean anywhere. It’s alcohol-free and entirely safe for your skin. The foam keeps you odor free for up to 48 hours by forming a bond on your skin. That bond, created by what they call Core Technology, kills any bacterium it comes in contact with immediately. The manufacturer describes the Core as having the scientific makings to kill up to 30,000 superbugs that are bacteria born, and it has been proven to prevent LEOs from contracting Hepatitis-C.

ElimiShield Core Body Foam can be used in lieu of deodorant.

Now if we could only get this stuff in toothpaste form. Man, I love me some Italian food.

Once I’m lathered up I go about my normal routine. Even if I’m drenched in sweat, it’s fantastic (not really), I smell nothing! That’s a win in my book, especially when I’m at the gym getting my cardio on drip, drop, dropping and That Guy just has to jump on the treadmill next to me instead of any of the 27 other free treadmills. I used to worry that I might stink (not sure why, would serve him right), but I’m worry-free to drip, drip, drop, even if That Guy wants to run next to me.

SureFire LLC lights and weapon lights.

Deodorize Your Body Armor: Stop the Stank

Next up is their Miracle Spray. It’s not actually called the Miracle Spray, but it should be. While it works best on brand new material because such a surface hasn’t yet acquired a human scent, you can still use it. Just make sure whatever you’re going to spray is clean first…

…which is of course where the laundry detergent comes in. Throw those bad boys into the wash, and you’re ready to start sprayin’ and slayin’. I use their detergent on all of my work uniforms, gym clothes, and body armor. The latter is most important because it is central to so much of my life.

Once your vest is nice and clean, you saturate the material. Odor builds from the inside out, so use the same concept when prepping your gear. Saturate it from the inside out, don’t forget your shoulder pads, and get it completely covered. Once its set, let it air-dry overnight (or at least a few hours if need be).

Fight body armor funk with ElimiShield Hunt Scent Elimination for Hunters and Core Body Foam.

ElimiShield Hunt Scent Elimination for Hunters and Core Body Foam will get rid of the sweaty-kevlar stink.

Depending on the weather I do this 1-2 times per month.

This product has made a significant difference for me, and as you’ve likely figured, it is not something that only military and LE personnel will find useful.  It can be helpful regardless of age or profession. Use it on your kids before a soccer game or ballet class, before cutting the lawn, before you go to the gym, or when you’re getting ready for a big interview. My favorite time to use it is right before a polygraph. I kid. Well, mostly kidding, but not really, you really can use this for everything.

Sanitization for Medics and Jocks

Keep in mind as you decide whether to try ElimiShield that it is not just an odor eliminator but a sanitizer as well. Core Body Foam has related products for the medical sector and athletes as well. Whatever suits you best, they’ve prob’ly got it.

It might seem counterintuitive that this is my tactical or job-related product. I initially hesitated to write about ElimiShield because let’s be real; we live in a very judgmental society. It’s been such a help, however, I ultimately thought it worth sharing.

Now when I go back to those hot, swampy days and the sloooow-moving blue-hair, I don’t have to worry about getting back in my patrol vehicle and smelling myself for the next 14 hours every time I move.

ElimiShield Hunt Scent Elimination for Hunters and Core Body Foam is good for your body and for your gear.

When I find something with a myriad of uses, that betters multiple areas of my life, I jump on it. Especially if it’s a good company. I can attest that ElimiShield is an amazing company run by remarkable people with a great product. You should give it a try; find ’em online at; it’s also on Amazon Prime.

Crimson Trace Laser Sights

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About the Author: Amanda, who goes by @aamanda__rose on IG (get it, 2a?!?) is a former US Army MP turned CID agent. She’s a Federal LEO/slash/training fanatic and avid motorcycle rider. You’ll be seeing more of her writing here as work schedules and deployments allow. 

Breach Bang Clear contributor Amanda Rose


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  1. rick

    gonna get some of this before javelina season starts up!

  2. Hannibal

    I found that one of the worst causes of vest stink was those nice synthetic wicking shirts. Yes, they take the moisture off your torso, but they send it right to your air-proof kevlar. When I went back to light cotton shirts in the summer I ended up much better off. The shirts would often be a mess but they’re so much easier to throw in the washer. And sometimes a small folded piece of paper towel (I’m sure there are better methods) would work wonders when walking in 95 degree weather- just folded enough to give a bit of airflow down the vest.

  3. Vicci

    Just wanted to share that there is a toothpaste form called Dead Down Wind toothpaste. It really does work.



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