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What do a world-renowned Italian formal wear factory, some pants built for European SOF units, the most advanced pro sports uniform production facility on the planet, and AMM Tactical have in common?

They all have a hand in the development of a new style of combat britches tentatively called the Decurion Pants. Based on an extremely popular tactical garment in European SOF circles, they are soon to be distributed here in the United States by AMM Tactical, DevCore, and Your Loadout.

AMM Tactical Vented Combat Pants

AMM Tactical Vented Combat Pants

The single most significant aspect of the Decurion Pant, as best we understand it, are the laser-cut vents to be found at several key locations. The vents and stretch areas are apparently sited and cut in a fashion very similar to professional sports uniforms, much like the ones you saw not too long ago when the rookie QB from Texas Tech almost disrupted the Patriots expected Super Bowl appearance.

AMM Tactical Vented Combat Pants


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We don’t know a whole lot beyond that, though we’re advised the technical specs look something like this:

  • CORDURA NYCO Extreme fabric
  • 4 oz Hot Weather Breathable NYCO fabric
  • 17% lighter vs the US Mil Spec for NYCO fabric
  • Up 3X higher tearing strength vs the US Mil Spec for NYCO fabric
  • Up to 10X more breathable vs the US Mil Spec for NYCO fabric
  • Up to 35% faster drying time vs the US Mil Spec for NYCO fabric

Plus, of course, what was described conversationally as “future tech applied to modern tactical uniforms.”

AMM Tactical Vented Combat Pants

AMM Tactical Vented Combat Pants

Check them out at the Line of Fire booth, SHOT Show 2019. More when we know it.


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