Magpul’s DAKA GRID Organizer

Magpul Daka grid organizer system for gun cases.
January 9, 2023  
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The “Grid Organizer” is Magpul’s organization and storage solution for your rifle case. It is an interesting and ntricate system that allows you to customize and upgrade traditional gun cases in a way that changes with the required loadout therein.

The Magpul GRID Organizer replaces the foam found in many cases with a highly customizable grid system (hence the name) that utilizes block insets to stabilize the contents of your gun case (or other hardback storage option).

See how easy the Magpul Grid Organizer system is to use?



DAKA GRID Organizer

A quick bit of info about the DAKA GRID Organizer. It is specifically designed to fit two popular Pelican hard gun case models, providing an instant upgrade of your case. The simple drop-in storage system provides endless customized configurations, and you can securely carry much more than just your firearms.

An Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) GRID base fits perfectly inside your Pelican case and comes with a set of GRID Blocks that you can organize in countless formations to brace and secure rifles, clips, optics, accessories, ammo, and other gear.


The lightweight, strong, and rugged EPP blocks provide high-level, padded protection and eliminate shifting of gear during transport.

Learn more over on Youtube here: Magpul – DAKA GRID Organizer,  Magpul – DAKA Hard Case

GRID Organizer Features

  • Easily added to popular Pelican Gun cases (Pelican™ Vault 730 and Pelican™ Vault 800)
  • Provides high-level protection
  • Quickly allows you to maximize space in the case
  • Endlessly customizable ­­
  • No tools or expensive laser cuts required
  • No ill-fitting “pick-and-pluck” of foam inserts
  • Confidently secures contents inside the case
  • Resistant to most chemicals, oils, and dirt
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Can be used for all types of gear, not just firearms


It is easy to use and easy to work with. It is made of a robust and flexible material intended to protect your gear better than foam.


DAKA Hard Cases

The three DAKA Hard Cases use the innovative DAKA GRID Organizer system internally.  Beside completely reinventing the interior experience, they were designed to fix many of the shortcomings the current hard case offers, providing a stronger, easier-to-use, and more reliable storage and transportation system. Streamlined with minimal potential snagging points, easy to maneuver, and full of usable protective space, they include advanced features such as better latches, recessed lock housings, ergonomic handles, and dependable wheels, all in a package that provides greater protection for your important gear.

DAKA Hard Case Features

  • Three sizes available: for carbines, C35”; for most rifles, R44”; and for long rifles and multiple firearms, LR53”
  • Includes DAKA GRID Organizer integrated with case
  • Advanced injection molding of gas charged polypropylene reduces weight, increases strength, and enhances case integrity
  • Durability & drop performance that stand up to tough shipping, travel, and hard-use environments
  • Sleek design minimizes snags
  • Water & weather-resistant gaskets
  • Internal corner pockets to create impact bumper zones & provide extra storage space
  • Unique, cammed latch design for easy opening and closing. Latches cannot be opened with a lock installed. Lock pass-throughs secure locks and mitigate damage to the lock and the case
  • Smooth and rugged wheels for easy transportation

Comes in one color Black, maybe sometime in the future there will be more colors. We shall see, then again you could also customize you hard case more so than just the interior.


C35: $309.00

R44: $339.00

LR53: $369.00




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