CZ Shadow 2 Compact Makes Its Public Debut

September 22, 2023  
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Following its initial announcement on August 21st, the CZ Shadow 2 Compact made its public debut at TRIGGRcon 2023, September 22-24 at the Hartman Arena. This is the first event where the public was able to put hands on the much-anticipated handgun.

Introducing the CZ Shadow 2 Compact

The CZ Shadow 2 Compact is the newest addition to the CZ family of high-performance pistols. While it shares the intuitive fit of CZ’s full-size flagship sport pistol, the CZ Shadow 2, this compact version has been meticulously engineered for shooters desiring a top-tier, highly accurate pistol that’s more manageable and portable.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 7.5 (L) × 1.4 (W) × 5.4 (H) inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs, achieved through a forged 7075 aluminum frame
  • Trigger: Smooth pull with single action at 3.4 pounds and double action at 10.3 pounds
  • Barrel: 4-inch length, designed for quick draws and optimal ballistic performance
  • Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds
  • Slide: Deep-cut front and rear cocking serrations with a robust mounting interface for red dot sights
  • Sights: High-visibility fiber optic front sight and height-adjustable rear sight
  • Safety and Handling: Low-profile ambidextrous manual safety, swappable magazine release button, spacious trigger guard, checkered grip, and an accessory rail on the dust cover

The CZ Shadow 2 Compact is not just a smaller version of its predecessor. It’s a testament to CZ’s commitment to innovation, retaining the competition-proven features, accuracy, and ergonomics that made the original CZ Shadow 2 a world-championship firearm. This compact model is perfect for all-day carry, concealed carry, and those who want the elite performance of the CZ Shadow 2 in a more compact form.


TRIGGRCON is an annual three-day event in the firearms industry, taking place in Wichita, KS. The first two days are dedicated to an exhibitor show, where manufacturers showcase their products to the public, media, and industry. The third-day transitions to the Severance Training Center range, allowing attendees to test and demo the showcased products. The event is known for its selectivity, inviting only premier manufacturers, ensuring the attendance of top-tier prosumers, influencers, LEO/MIL buyers, and media. This makes TRIGGRCON an ideal platform for manufacturers to announce new products, aligning perfectly with the industry’s consumer buying habits.

Additionally, TRIGGRCON Experience Party will be held on the night of September 22nd. Exhibitors receive two tickets, with additional ones available for purchase. All proceeds from this party will go towards The Resilient Warrior housing program for veterans. TRIGGRCON 2023 promises to be an exciting event for firearm enthusiasts, with the CZ Shadow 2 Compact being one of the highlights. As the event continues, attendees eagerly await the opportunity to test this new compact firearm on the range.


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    will the shadow 2 compact come in sao platform?


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