Combat Bands from SOB Tactical

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| March 2, 2015
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Simple and versatile–exactly how we like our gear, and single mom “dancers”. Mad Duo

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Combat Bands from SOB Tactical

John McPhee is a man full of good ideas, and most of them are pretty damn simple. After spending more than twenty years in the U.S. Army, he’s figured out what works, what’s a gimmick, and generally favors simple gear that can be used for multiple tasks. One such item that fits his standard is the Combat Band sold at the SOB Tactical shop.




Combat bands are pretty straight forward; they’re lightweight rugged elastic bands with a multitude of uses, which primarily help the user retain gear and gain grip traction. The bands are made of high-temperature silicone, helping them survive hot weapons and extreme cold. You can use them to add a gripping surface to your pistol or forearm, or as an index marker on your buttstock to find a repeatable cheek weld. Unlike old rigger’s or ranger bands, they will not degrade under harsh use and exposure to the elements. Many use SOB Tactical Combat Bands to secure their rifle sling when not in use, to allow snag-free egress in and out of vehicles. Offered in basic black and desert tan, you can pick up a pack of combat bands without breaking the bank. They are idiot-simple, and the only limit they have is your imagination.

Below is a list of possible uses. If you have any to add, please list them in the comment section below! Check out SOB Tactical for the pinnacle in firearms training, and other useful gear.




The uses for these bands are endless:

  • Place on your buttstock or handguard to keep slings secured
  • Use as index point on your buttstock for proper cheek weld
  • Keep a length of 550 cord from turning into a rat’s nest
  • Mark your beer and or Whiskey bottle
  • Use on your PVS-14 to take out the wobble
  • On hand guard to avoid heat/add traction
  • On hand guard to manage tape switches/wires
  • On pistols for increased grip
  • Silence your weapons cleaning gear roll
  • Cluster chemlights
  • Roll up your jacket for your backpack
  • Secure your tarp/poncho/groundcloth
  • Place foliage over your sniper rifle or scope
  • Loop though MOLLE webbing to hold gear/tourniquets
  • Place on rifle magazines for more traction/remove clatter
  • Roll up pack straps/webbing and secure

Let us know what you like to use them for in the comments

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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  1. Bruce

    Nice Bands, I may buy a few just to support that gentleman.

    I use bicycle or motorcycle inner tubes, if you have enough free time you can cut some interesting shapes. “X” or “V” ‘s etc.

    Thanks for the link to the above website.

  2. Rob

    Check out the bands that are used to hold stalks of broccoli together in most produce sections, most I have found to be very strong.

    All for the cost of a vegetable.

  3. Ben

    I have been using rubber bands in this fashion for quite some time. However, the price you’re paying for the SOB branding is a little ridiculus in my opinion. I use ski brake retainers. Beefy rubber bands for cheap. Here’s a good example of something earth tone:

    I use the wintersteiger green ones on ar mags for extra purchase and to easily identify mine at the range.

    • John Shrek Mcphee

      Ben I used other bands on my weapons and gear for years. Problem with other bands is the material will loose duranomy (stretchy-ness) in any amount of heat, and not even excessive heat. Example you keep a rifle in your vehicle with the windows up. A traditional rubber band will break in the heat of the closed vehicle, most of the time in less than a day. What’s the point if they break? TX state troopers been using Combat bands because they don’t break for years. They have also saved a feww officer lives because the officer can deploy weapons ad gear with no issues. What’s your life worth Ben? Just sayin Shrekout


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