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COAST FL1R Headlamp With Specs
January 31, 2020  
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Ultralight lovers of the world rejoice as COAST has a new headlamp for you. The COAST FL1R rechargeable headlamp was one of the standouts in this year’s line so we wanted to take a few minutes and run you through its features and cost.

COAST FL1R Headlamp Large Activation Button

Note the large activation button on the COAST FL1R Headlamp.

The FL1R is an ultralight rechargeable headlamp that boasts both white and red light. Sorry military folks you have to cycle through white to get to the red light so no using it at work, however you can use it to run and ruck on your off time in the dark.


What really caught our eye was the clip. Instead of having to wear it using the headband you can remove the headband and clip it to your pack strap, inside the tent or even the brim of your hat. We can feel all the ultralight folks right now trying to figure out if the clip or the strap weighs more so they can decide what has to go. The clip can be rotated to face up or down.


The headband is removable and can be clipped elsewhere.


The FL1R tilts like a traditional headlamp, and in conjunction with the headband or clip should work for most lighting scenarios. The light isn’t released just yet but we will include the tech specs of it below.


The COAST FL1R tilts like a regular headlamp.


Battery – Li-Ion non-removable
Lumens – High 300; Low 120
Runtime – High 1h 30m; Low 4h
Light – Red; White


As you can see for a cost of around $40USD this light is going to do really well for COAST. If it is anything like their other rechargeable lights I will be certain to be buying one.

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