CAS Behind the Camera: BOTSTICK

This is a demo piece showing off what sort of video work the Botstik Collective can do for you. Botstik is a veteran-run organization with a couple of JTACs on point (hence the Close Air Support angle). Some of it is serious, some of it's funny, some of it's just cool. If you need some media work done, photography or video, you could damn sure worse than to talk to these guys.


Oh and to answer the question we know is burning you up inside, yes, Botstik may just be shooting the official Mad Duo action movie. It'll be the most incredible display of doorkickery and trigger-pulling awesomeness since Maghadeera and Singham.

Here's the sort of ruthlessly realistic action you can expect from the movie they'll be filming about our life:


Stay out of trouble. Stay tuned here.


Mad Duo Clear!

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