The Briar Cigar from Morgan Pipes

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| August 13, 2016
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The Briar Cigar from Morgan Pipes

Matt Stagliano

While I was in college in the early 90s, I fell in love with smoking a pipe. To me, there has always been a more sophisticated air about pipes compared to cigars. Sure, it takes similar amounts of patience to get through a stogie, but I felt more scholarly with the smoldering bowl in a gnarled piece of briarwood. In more recent years, I fell victim to the same cigar-smoking craze as most of my friends and have a humidor full of hand rolled delights, but rarely do I have forty spare minutes to proper enjoying a Rocky Patel.

As I’ve rediscovered my pipe collection in the past year, I still search for ways to get a quick smoke when the environment won’t allow for a full bowl. Traveling as much as I do, it would be great to have a quick-to-deploy and quick-to-pack option. Enter the Briar Cigar from the experts at Morgan Pipes.

I have several Morgan Pipes, and even though this cigar/pipe concept was new to me I figured, how hard can it be? You just fill it, light it, and smoke it. On the Morgan Pipes website, they advise cutting/chopping the tobacco a bit before packing to get a better, more even smoke. I used some Checkmate from Old Virginia Tobacco Company, packed the cylinder and lit up. For the next fifteen minutes in the yard with my dogs, I enjoyed the Briar Cigar and thought of how I could incorporate it into my travels.

I particularly like the rubber O-ring equipped seal of the end cap which allows me to pack the pipe, stash it in my pocket, and save it for later. It does a great job of keeping the contents in place during movement. I found it easy to step outside,  grab a few puffs and then reseal the cigar without fear of ash going everywhere.

BBC Briar Cigar-1700

In this video, Chris Morgan, CEO of Morgan Pipes explains every bit of detail and reasoning behind the Briar Cigar.


Here’s a rundown of the specs:


  • Equal to a 52 ring cigar (125mm x 22mm)
  • Weighs only 0.8 oz (20 grams)
  • Briar by Mimmo
  • Solid Briar Construction
  • Round Vulcanite Mouthpiece
  • Calabash-Style Plenum Airway
  • Internally Tapered Mouthpiece
  • Durable Sandblasted Finish
  • Carnauba Wax Top Coat
  • Cigar-like Styling
  • Proprietary Bowl Coat
  • Highly Portable
  • Ability to Re-cap and Store the Pipe Mid-smoke
  • Looks Cool!

BBC Briar Cigar-1691BBC Briar Cigar-1687

At a price tag between $140-$160, it is on par with well made traditional pipes. I’m going to work the Briar Cigar into my normal relaxation rotation and report my findings in about sixty days. This, I am convinced, is a noble pursuit.


[Morgan Pipes can be found online here]

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  1. Andy

    Their customer service is awesome! I bit through my stem like a Neanderthal, and not only did the owner, Chris Morgan, say he’d mail me a new one gratis, he replied on Labor Day!


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