AXIL TRACKR BLU Review: Axil Hearing Protection

| October 4, 2023
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The AXIL TRACKR Bluetooth earmuffs take electronic hearing protection to a new level. I am a big fan of electronic hearing protection when on the range, but these things make me feel like I’m Batman! If you want to listen to music, hear your phone calls or text messages, or hear the crickets down the road while barely hearing the sound of the gunshot you just fired, the AXIL TRACKR Bluetooth earmuffs will do the trick.

Close up of Axil Tracker Bluetooth earmuffs.

Quick Specs about the AXIL TRACKR BLU headphones


I get a little bit nit-picky when I review tactical gear, but here’s why. Every week I am training with our tactical team, serving search warrants, or responding to calls that require everyone to watch one another’s back. My job is to make sure they have the best equipment and training we can afford. So, if I am going to use equipment, I want it to be comfortable, easy to operate, reliable and practical. The AXIL TRACKR earmuffs accomplished all of that during my testing time on the range.

Close up of a man wearing Axil earmuffs.

Comfort and Simplicity 

If you have ever tried wearing the earmuff style of hearing protection that was not comfortable, you would remember. They make your head hurt and take all the fun out of shooting, mowing, or whatever task caused you to put them on that day. The AXIL pair I used were extremely comfortable. They have a metal wire frame with a wide head guard that has good padding on the underside of it. I was able to wear them for hours on the range and even forgot I had them on.

Close up of the earmuff's headband.

The AXIL earmuffs have a metal wire frame with a wide head guard that has good padding for comfort.

When it came to connecting the built in 5.0 Bluetooth earmuffs with my phone, I was again pleasantly surprised. I get a little impatient if I must spend 20 minutes just trying to get something paired with my phone. But the AXIL Bluetooth Earmuffs were simple to use. I pressed the pairing button located on the top of the earmuff and my phone found them right away. The sound was excellent and the volume knob on the side allowed me to quickly adjust the volume to my needs.

Sound, Cancelation, and Amplification

Here is where these things get really cool. You can wear Bluetooth earbuds that drown out sounds around you and allow you to hear your favorite music, but with the AXIL earmuffs you can hear the music, then hear the amplification of someone’s voice when they are speaking to you. Ever had that awkward moment when you say something loudly because you have ear protection on and don’t realize you’re yelling at everyone? Well, this fixes that problem. But wait, that’s not all… They also cancel out loud noises so along with listening to your music and hearing your friends talk, it also cancels out all the damaging loud sounds around you.

Close up of the earmuff's audio controls.

The Bluetooth connection button, along with the volume controls, is easy to reach on the outside of the earmuff.

Battery life and location

I have several other pair of electronic earmuffs and one thing I do not like about them is that the batteries are inside the head side and require the user to remove the foam from the inside of the muff to access the batteries. The AXIL runs on two AAA batteries and can be changed in seconds by simply removing the outside cover. The battery life was also good but does change greatly based on what you are doing with them. When on the range for the first few days, I used them to hear my phone and the people around me. In this mode they can be used for days at a time (these are off and on shooting for 8-hour shifts). Into my second week, I started playing music while on the range because I found I could still hear everyone perfectly clearly. This was a great option but did reduce the battery life a lot. With the comfort of hearing music, everyone around me, and canceling out the gun shots, I was more than happy to replace the two batteries when they ran down.

AXIL TRACKR BLU Review Conclusion

Overall, I was very happy with the AXIL TRACKR BLU earmuffs when using them on the range. I also found them to be my favorite option when mowing the yard. They appear to be of great quality, and for options, you can’t beat the price. Sometimes we do not pay much attention to the hearing protection we wear, but if you plan to spend any time on the range at all, you want to make sure you are protecting your hearing. I would feel comfortable wearing these while hunting, mowing, working on a project in the garage, or any other setting where having the best hearing protection is important, and you don’t want to miss that phone call or what those around you are saying.

Man modeling the Axil Trackr Bluetooth earmuffs.


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