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Travis Pike with ASP Enhanced H&K 416 red training gun
| May 13, 2021
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ASP—the guys who created those awesome extendable batons also make rubber training guns. We used to call them blue guns because, well, they were blue. Now they come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. ASP seems to prefer to utilize red on their replica training pistol. The ASP Red Guns come in all sizes and are exact 1 for 1 replica of the weapons they are designed after. The latest ASP Red Guns come with removable magazines, increasing their training potential even more.

ASP Red Guns allow police officers, military members, and the everyday joe and jane to train safely with the potential for a negligent discharge eliminated entirely. We all see it a little too much when it comes to the world of firearms training. Negligent discharges end lives, and things like the ASP Red Guns allow a safe means to train and familiarize themselves with firearms safety.

ASP HK 416 red gun training gun

This ASP Red Gun is the exact size of a real HK 416 and weighs about 6 pounds.

They don’t replace hands-on experience with real firearms. However, the ASP Red Guns can be absolutely invaluable. An ASP Red Gun allows an instructor to utilize techniques in a crowded classroom without worrying about flagging students or displaying less than safe firearm handling in front of potential students. Students can see something like proper stance from all angles safely, including in front of the gun.

ASP Red Guns – For Students and Instructors

ASP Red Guns are invaluable if your student-to-instructor ratio is a bit high to safely manage with real firearms. When the training starts in the classroom, a single instructor can utilize ASP Red Guns for dozens of students and work with the basics of a firearm in a completely safe way.

ASP Enhanced H&K 416 red gun with drop magazine

Magazines are popped in and out without issue to increase your training potential.

Don’t forget, when working with retention, a nonfunctional training tool like the ASP Red Gun is a must-have. You don’t want two students fighting over a real gun when a nonfiring ASP Red Gun is an option at hand. Plus, who wants to damage an expensive gun when you can beat up a polymer one? There are dozens of situations where a nonfunctional firearm makes more sense than a real gun for training purposes. It even fits perfectly in your standard AR 15 case.

ASP HK 416 red gun

ASP (“Armament Systems and Procedures“) Red Guns are Solo cup approved.

ASP, by the way, is a part of the Mad Duo’s tactical alliance — the greatest selection of individual, military, and SWAT team tactical gear discount codes out there.

The HK 416ish

ASP sent me the HK 416 variant. As part of their latest line of rubber firearms, the HK 416 comes with two removable magazines that allow you to enhance your ability to train. It comes with two ‘magazines’ that can’t actually accept any ammunition. They are purely for training purposes. However, the ASP Red Gun HK 416 can accept any AR 15 magazine.

ASP H&K 416 red training gun with Lancer magazine.

You can also insert a real magazine into the ASP Red Guns.

It looks and feels like the real thing. The rails are in spec and can accommodate optics, lights, and cup holders. It’s a standard AR-15 handguard. The magazine release button drops the magazine without issue. To see just how tough the ASP Red Gun HK 416 is, I took to the bag.

The punching bag, that is. I did some muzzle strikes, butt strokes, and general slams against the bag. The little ASP Red Gun performed without issue. It took the beating I offered it without much resistance.

ASP red training gun buttsroke against punching bag to test for durability.

A few buttstrokes lit up my Everlast bag.

I’ve gotten heavily into rucking lately. I’ve been packing on a weight vest and pack to go on a Marine Corps-styled hump. It’s good exercise, challenging, and burns the calories my fat ass needs to get rid of after taco Tuesday. I’ve been strapping the ASP HK416 on and using it on my backcountry humps. I can’t open carry a rifle in my state, but the bright ASP Red Gun is clearly a toy and causes no panic in my section of the backwoods.

Durability test on ASP red training gun - muzzle thump on punching bag

Muzzle thumps proved the barrel was plenty durable.

The ASP HK416 has sling swivels, so tossing on a BFG sling and hitting the road takes no effort. It adds an extra six pounds to my humps and gives my hands something to do. It’s not quite an AR-15 Kit, but close enough. It takes me back to those good ole road humps I experienced in the Camp Lejeune School For Wayward Boys.

ASP red training gun durability test - bang it against punching bag.

I couldn’t break the damn thing no matter how hard I tried.

Get it? Got It? Good!

The ASP Red Guns offer a durable 1:1 ratio rifle that fulfills a massive amount of training roles. ASP makes one well-made and durable red gun ready for combative training from hiking and humping to martial arts training and weapon’s familiarization. To hell with a blue gun, get an ASP red gun.

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