*ALL* the Butt Hurt: Spike’s Tactical Crusader

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The Spike’s Tactical Crusader Rifle continues to draw disapprobation from Islamic groups, liberal pundits and more than a few sissies who somehow manage to conflate opinion-based fact to hate speech.

Look, this reporter even broke out a knife hand.

Spikes Tactical Crusader Rifle Under Fire 1

White rifle above belongs to The Hoss USMC (@thehossusmc) in a photo by Q Concepts (@q_concepts) with a paint scheme by Montactical (@montactical).

The problem these people have is that the gun features prominent Christian iconology and has an avowed purpose of stopping any Muslim extremist from ever picking one up. Note — that if you are one of those people who is looking to get outraged about whole extremist/terrorist/Islam thing — choke on a dick. (For the record, that’s not hate speech either, though we’ll be accused of it). We have Muslims in the crew, including a combat veteran Afghan interpreter turned US citizen, so go ahead and fuck smooth off. We don’t hate all Muslims, just the vile, pedophile murderous and misogynistic ones. Which is why we have zero problem with this rifle.

Spikes Tactical Crusader Rifle Under Fire 4
Spikes Tactical Crusader Rifle

The Spike’s Tactical Crusader Rife has the words Peace, War, and God Wills It on the lower receiver in lieu of the traditional select fire markings. It also has a Crusader shield on one side and Psalm 144:1 on the other.

Which really is almost the same as putting people in a cage and burning them alive or gang-raping young girls to death, come to think about it.

Fucking not.

Spikes Tactical Crusader Rifle Under Fire 2
Tactical Crusader Rifle

The thing is, you can disagree with something and not start labeling it in ways best reserved for the truly vile. You can express your disapproval vehemently and not resort to race-baiting, accusations of prejudice or just being a self-righteous dumbass in general.

It’s a simple concept.

Think it’s stupid, inappropriate or just a marketing ploy? That’s fine — see, we live in a free country where there’s this awesome concept called capitalism. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Conversely, if you think it’s the greatest thing since Richard the Lion Heart spanked the Ayubbids at Arsuf then go tell all your friends and buy 3 of them.

The video below has a lot of stupid in it, mostly on the part of the news anchor. To be fair the correspondent (who appears to have a great rack) asks all the questions you’d expect her to ask, but that doesn’t make them smart questions. She also makes all the comparisons you’d expect to her make; though that doesn’t make them intelligent comparisons. Because, you know, speaking the truth about Muslim extremists is tantamount to bigotry hatred, and building a rifle with a Christian psalm on the side is kinda like ISIS.

No, wait a minute…that can’t right. Oh yeah, it’s not. Stoopid.

Spikes Tactical Crusader Rifle Under Fire
Spikes Tactical Crusader Rifle

Despite all the inanity, the video is worth watching, and for a couple of reasons.

Spikes Tactical Crusader Rifle Under Fire 3
Is it wrong we were distracted pretty much the entire time by Maria Finoshina’s guns? She’s a squared away lady and by all accounts a brave one…but damn, how are you not supposed to notice that?

Learn more about the Spike’s Tactical Crusader Rifle right here.

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