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Ahab-x DoubleStar Arms fixed blade knife - EDC.
June 1, 2020  
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BBC readers know that we love sharp, stabby things. This week’s Monday Night Knife Fight is Bush’s review of the Ahab-X — a fixed blade knife with a ring handle, made by DoubleStar Corp.  Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to see what DoubleStar Arms is offering to our readers! – BBC

My first exposure to DoubleStar Corp and J&T Distributing is probably a lot like most of yours. Local gun guys and gun shops always seemed to have a catalog of theirs close by. Those catalogs and others like it were a large part of how I learned people would build their own AR-15’s. Since then I’ve built more than a few myself including ordering parts from DSC.

A few years ago, DSC paired up with knifemaker Rob Cabrera and later others to bring designs to life under the DoubleStar Blades banner. Given Rob’s experience as a maker and his history with martial arts they quickly started producing designs made for use.


One of the designs that caught my eye was their AHAB-X, a fixed bladed knife with a ring handle. In a market which, for at least a couple of years, was saturated by every kind of ring-handled knife out there from karambits to you name it — the AHAB-X hits the mark.

Ahab-X fixed blade knife - ring handled knife

Check Out This Blade

The blade is a working blade with a 3-inch Americanized tanto blade made from SK5 Steel with a nice slick black coating for corrosion resistance. It has a Harpoon style spine which is where it gets the AHAB moniker from. The point is inline with the back of the handle, so it indexes naturally.

fixed blade knife with ringed handle - Ahab X DoubleStar Arms.

The blade has a slight rearward sweep leaving the point in line with the spine of the handle for natural indexing. The jimping on the spine is perfectly placed for a saber grip.

The jimping on the spine is just right for using the knife in a saber grip whether you choose to go pinkie in the ring or grip it over the top. You can also choke up a bit for fine-point work and use the harpoon style spine as a thumb stop to apply more pressure. Overall, it’s under 8 inches in total length.

 harpoon tip for fine tipwork.

The harpoon tip lets you choke up for fine tipwork.

Ahab X fixed blade knife with sheath and in hand.

The DSA AHAB-X fixed blade knife is under 8 inches total. There is enough handle for even guys who have large hands like I do.

The Handle

Unlike many that miss the mark the AHAB-X has enough handle for actual use by guys wearing gloves and guys with bigger hands (like me). The ring is big enough to use a glove with but isn’t so oversized as to feel sloppy. The edges are finished properly inside and outside the ring, so you don’t get torn up by it.

The handle slabs are properly fixed with countersunk hardware and the edged of the handle aren’t sharp, yet they give it enough width on the back, so you actually have a grip.

handle slabs - Doublestar Arms.

The handle screws are nicely countersunk flush into the grippy G10 handle slabs

The ring, like I said is larger than most but not so oversized as to feel sloppy. It works well using it both in a reverse grip, in a saber grip, or even in some unconventional grips. Some ring handle knives give you only one choice on how to grip them. This is not one of those. If you are carrying it on a belt line ad miss the rig you just draw like usual gripping over the ring and continue solving the problem.

Sheath and Belt Clip

Next, we get to a real failing point for most kerambits or ring handle knives out there. The sheath. It’s apparent that many custom makers can make amazing blades that have kydex or polymer sheaths that have that perfect click in and click out. Custom making one that is just right is difficult and time-consuming. Translating that to a production knife is damned near unheard of. Some people get it right and kudos to them, but I’ve seen some GREAT blades whose only real failing is that the carry package from the factory is lacking.

Again, they hit the ball solidly and produced a simple two-piece polymer sheath that the knife clicks into and out of. The balance of security and accessibility is spot on. Plus, the sheath is simple and comes with a modern belt clip which makes for a modular rig. Want to run it on a belt, use the clip. Prefer a horizontal carry, it adapts. Prefer sheath straps, yep. It may be a little heavy for a neck knife but pull the belt clip off and zip-tie it behind your mag pouch or behind your radio. Run correctly it will disappear on your duty belt or even on your plate carrier or vest.

At least it disappears until you need it. Then its got a ring for retention so you can do the “Get off me dance” and transition back to running a trigger without dropping the knife. They checked all the ring knife boxes for the AHAB-X which had me thinking they were going to ask crazy money for it. Go ahead, look at the photos, think about everything I’ve said about it.

Ahab-X and belt clip.

For all the function, it has the good looks to match. The belt clip is an easy-on easy-off setup and can be turned for horizontal or vertical carry.


Get your idea of the price, convert it to the MSRP you expect, then visit DoubleStar and see.

Maybe even leave me a comment on what your impression of the price was. No cheating.

I have mine but I’m picking up a spare for a buddy who works nearby. He is on the SWAT team, and works Narcotics. He wanted a blade that wouldn’t break the bank. His only request was a spare sheath so he can move it back and forth between his EDC gear and some of his tactical gear.

I look forward to more from DoubleStar.

DoubleStar has offered a special discount to Breach-Bang-Clear readers! Use the discount code BANG to get 20% off the Ahab X fixed blade knife. This offer valid through June 27, 2020.



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