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April 17, 2014  
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If you have never pooped in the woods, mountains or desert you need stop reading this article right now. Remove your wallet, find your man card (next to that coupon for 25% off at pottery barn) and mail it to us. If you cannot locate your man card, its doubtful that you were ever issued one. Please go back to knitting cat sweaters and talking freely about your emotions at your book club (after yoga class)

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For the rest of you we propose a question; what do a man and a bear have in common? They both shit in the woods. You can like it, not like it, whatever. But its an inevitable part of field life and outdoorsmanship. Everyone knows that one guy who suffers in futile resistance, swearing that they can wait to drop that MRE brick or last night’s spicy chile once they get out of the field. It’s almost as though these people have some sort of irrational fear of dropping a deuce in the treeline. As though they’re worried a rabid  squirrel or wolverine is gonna run up and bite their sack mid-log. Regardless, for the rest of us its just a fact of life. Its gonna happen, so why not take some proper measures to ensure everything goes smoothly when its time to deploy that SEAL team?  Why not do it up right and enjoy it? A digging tool, some fresh TP and baby wipes will insure you do your business in as sanitary and clean way as possible. Add some hand sanitizer, and you have a complete kit.

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We’ve been using the Advanced Outfitters TERD kit for about a year now, this kit keeps everything organized for “go time”. The TERD (Tactical, Everything Required for Dumping) kit comes in the form of a zippered, shit brown rugged nylon pouch. With two separate pouches, you can keep all the mission essentials together in one easy to find and quick to grab kit. The TERD kit includes a titanium digging tool wrapped in paracord so you to quickly carve out a  turd LZ.  This small, lightweight tool allowed us to cut quickly into even the most hard packed of earth.

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Aegis LE Logo BBC (300x100)

We made a habit of attaching it to the outside of our rucks with the small clip on the TERD kits corner. This way it was ready to hand when a dangerous gut-rumble warned of trouble ahead. Even when stowed inside a pack the kit was simple to locate and grab on the run. The rugged zippers of this compact kit have held up great to repeated use, and overall we are extremely pleased. Properly stocked with all the essentials, this cool piece of gear solves a commonly overlooked field problem. If you are getting ready to head down range, hit the woods to hunt, fish or camp, or simply have IBS and live in a wooded area- this kit is for you. Check it out their facebook page, which seems to be the best way to keep up with them.

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