Adams Arms AA-19 | SHOT Show 2020

Adams Arms AA-19
January 31, 2020  
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Most people know Adams Arms for their piston rifles. They have had slides for sale for a little while now. The latest news is that they decided to go and make a full-on Glock 19-ish gun which we got to shoot at Media Day At The Range during the 2020 SHOT Show. Here comes the AA-19 — not to be confused by the AA-12 which is a shotgun.

Adams Arms AA-19 With Optic Blanking Plate Installed

The Adams Arms AA-19 With Optic Blanking Plate installed.


The Adams Arms AA-19 is a Gen 3 Glock 19 look-alike that we got to check out this year and we were impressed with it especially when we were told the price. Rumor has it this thing will hit the streets with a $999 USD price tag.

Adams Arms AA-19 At Media Day At The Range

Adams Arms AA-19 At Media Day At The Range


For those nine hundred and ninety-nine freedom dollars you are getting a customized Polymer 80 frame, Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger, Adams Arms VS19 Complete Slide, and an Optics Blanking Plate. While building on a P80 frame is nothing new in the industry, the price point on this gun is quite attractive.

Adams Arms AA-19 With Slide Locked To The Rear From Media Day At The Range

Adams Arms AA-19 With Slide Locked To The Rear From Media Day At The Range

Aesthetically we like the tie ins between the frame and the slide. The slide cuts continue onto the grip. Speaking of the grip the grip pattern is also the same shape cut out from the top of the slide. Our only complaint from shooting it at the range was that the extended magazine release was sharp. When we went to the booth we were assured that another magazine release would be shipping with the pistol. The AA-19 isn’t released yet but you can order the slide from the link at the top of the article. If you have a Gen4 frame make sure to get the spring adapter.

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