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unity tactical exo
| November 15, 2013
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There are a lot of light mounts out there; some good, some lame as a broke-dick hunchback. The Unity Tactical EXO seems like a cool product for those end users out there who prefer the Surefire X-Series handgun weaponlights on their rifles. Designed for the X200, X300 and X300U, the EXO replaces the plastic frame rails of the light and provides a shroud that shield the light’s activation switch.

Unity Tactical's EXO

The EXO’s main focus is to give the user a positive indexing point when attaining a grip or preparing to employ the light. It also guards against an accidental light discharge during operations or storage (nothing worse than a negligent discharge or premature illumination). It gives the user an added bit of protection while not impeding access to the switch at any time.

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The EXO retails for $27.95 and is available for purchase at www.unitytactical.com. So we’re clear, this isn’t a review – we haven’t played with one of these yet, though we may buy one at some point and try it out. We’re just letting you know it’s out there.

Unity Tactical's EXO

Oh, and get over to the Unity Tactical LLC Facebook page; they gave away 3 EXOs just this morning. They’re at 2,300 Likes right now; feel free to frag that number.

Unity Tactical's EXOUnity Tactical's EXO

Brownells - at Brownells.com

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Brownells is headquartered in Grinnell, IA (and is worth a visit). They describe themselves as a company, “…forever connected to the outdoors and forever committed to its industry.” You can find them online at Brownells.com, connect with them on Facebook (/BrownellsInc/) or follow them on Instagram, @brownellsinc. You can also, of course, subscribe to their YouTube Channel. Brownells, Inc.: Serious About Firearms Since 1939.

Remember, there’s an ongoing list of recent additions to their lineup in the New Products section of the Brownells website, and you can order a print catalog here.

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