80 Percent Glocks, the ATF, and Polymer 80’s War Chest

ATF News: Matrix Arms MX19 Glock lower to
January 1, 2023  
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As you may have heard, President Biden’s BATFE has issued an open letter to ALCON, effectively reclassifying such partial gun parts (think 80 percent Glock) into full firearms. That means you’ll have to purchase the incomplete/partial frame by going through the exact same steps as you would a complete and fully functioning firearm. 

Most of us here think that’s a stupid ruling, not least because we’re pretty sure the ATF isn’t supposed to be making up its own laws. As best we recall from civics class, they’re supposed to enforce the laws drafted by Congress. 

In any case, our own Bucky Lawson has addressed the issue on another blog. We reckon it’s worth your time, so how about you go now and..

…read more in the way of ATF news updates. 

Glock-style pistols made with parts from Polymer 80.

Glock-style pistols made with parts from Polymer 80.


Polymer 80 Responds: War Chest


Polymer80 Family, as you may have seen or heard, on Tuesday ATF published an open letter to FFLs declaring that certain Polymer80 blanks are considered “Firearms” under their latest – and unprecedented – interpretation of Final Rule 2021R-0F5. I wanted to personally address this with all of you, our loyal customers, many of whom have been with us since we started in a rundown old maintenance shop on Callen Street in Vacaville, CA.

Over the past several years, Polymer80 has shouldered a considerable amount of legal expenses fighting egregious, unwarranted, and naked assaults on us, our products, and the natural and inalienable rights embedded in the Second Amendment and enshrined in our history.


Polymer 80 pistol

I want to make three things VERY clear:


1. Polymer80 is not – and I am not – taking the bait.  While Polymer80 vehemently disagrees with the open letter, we will take appropriate steps to ensure we continue to remain in compliance with applicable laws or regulations.

2. In addition to continuing to produce quality products and innovate, we are also modifying existing product lines taking into careful consideration – as best we can given ATF’s constantly changing interpretations of its own rules – ATF’s various positions, statements, and guidance, as well as the Final Rule and challenges to it across the country.

3. Finally, we are going to fight, as vigorously and fervently as ever, using every resource available to us in the legal system, against the open letter and reclaim our rights.

My ask:

Polymer80 has been beyond blessed with the best customers in this industry, hands down, bar none! Out of our respect for you, we have never asked you to donate to assist us or crowdfunded to support our mounting legal expenses.

We have always felt that we will prevail because people buy our products and believe in their quality and the outstanding service and support we provide. I stand behind that philosophy – and continue to put you first – to this day.

In the coming days, you will see more promotions and activity from our retail website than usual, and I ask that you support us by buying our products and being active and engaging customers. In return you will get great products at great prices, and we will use those funds to fight each of the outrageous attempts made to shut us down, including the open letter.

I am calling this sales campaign “The War Chest,” because it will enable us to continue to fight and take legal action.

Please join us. Buy our products and support Polymer80. Together, we can take lawful action to stop the continuous encroachment on our lives, the American way of life, and the Second Amendment.

Thank you all and may God bless you all.

Loran Kelley | Founder, CEO


Matrix Arms MX19 lower

80% Glock frame from Matrix Arms. Polymer 80 is not the only company affected by the recent ATF ruling. 


Nomad Defense also builds Glock frames and the like.

Nomad Defense also builds 80% Glock frames and the like.


Lone Wolf Arms Glock frame

A Lone Wolf Arms Glock frame: they’re mentioned explicitly in the ATF letter, just as Polymer 80 was. 


Tango Yankee Chip

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  1. Stephen B from philly

    So im glad to hear theres still sensible americans out there fighting this insane shit there pulling. Youve got a customer in me as long as my frames dont show up with there god damn number on it ill continue to buy. Love you guys and keep up the fight

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