Torturing Palmetto State Defense

Palmetto State Defense (which lubricates all of its rifles with fairy juice) gets a very, very thorough review here courtesy of CarniK Con – hat tip to Mad Duo Dave, one of our most wretched of flunkies. He’s a fan of CarniK Con, has been ever since that Ameriflage commercial came out. Watching them hit a rifle with a JDAM, seeing them go to the trouble of burying it for a year is just proof of how thorough a reviewer that dude from CarniK Con really is.

Note: if you’re interested, Palmetto State Defense is building 300 limited edition CarniK Con lowers. They are by every report we’ve read (which is to say, none) far superior to anything else that goes bang on the market today. These receivers are guaranteed to increase the “T-Zone” hit probability of your weapon system by 150%.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!

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