The Top 5 KelTec Sub 2k Upgrades 

KelTec Sub 2K with Blue Force Gear Vickers One sling.
| October 1, 2020
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So you got you one them fancy folding rifles, the KelTec Sub 2k. I know what you’re like — you can’t leave a gun well enough alone, so customization must occur. If you are wondering that you can tack onto your Sub 2k, well, you came to the right place. We’ve gathered five of the best KelTec Sub 2000 upgrades. 

1. Mcarbo Optics Mount 

Optics mounts are a real hassle on the folding Sub 2k design. Mounting an optic on the rail kills the gun’s ability to fold. Mcarbo came up with a creative means to allow the mounting of red dot optics to your Sub 2k. This optic mounts just in front of the sights and does not attach to the M-LOK slots. Instead, it connects via four bolts to the gun, and this provides a consistent and stable platform for an optic. (I think moving bolts makes it a build, but I also think milling an 80 percent lower makes me a gunsmith so…) 

MCarbo KelTec sub 2000 optics mount

When it comes time to fold the gun, the optic folds out of the way and gives you no issues when folding the weapon. The Mcarbo optics mount sets the optic low enough to co-witness with the iron sights and is the only Sub 2k scope mount that allows for cowitnessing. This simple design makes it very easy for me to mount a red dot to my gun. 

KelTec Sub 2000 MCarbo optics mount

Mcarbo offers more upgrades to your Sub 2K than any other company I’m aware of. You can write an entire article about the greatness of their products. Make sure you check them out beyond their optics mount

KelTec Sub 2K MCarbo optics mount

The STNGR Axiom 

STNGR is a fantastic rail company that has slowly spread into other realms. Their latest venture has been red dot optics. The Axiom isn’t out just yet, but STNGR sent me an early model to test and review. I’ve been impressed with the optic, and it’s included low and high mount. With the low mount and the Mcarbo scope mount, I can run the STNGR Axiom perfectly on my Sub 2K. 

STINGR Axiom red dot sight on KelTec Sub 2000.

The Axiom is a compact red dot scope with a 2 MOA red dot with 11 brightness settings. The red dot becomes quite bright, and the two lowest settings are night-vision compatible. The Axiom is ultra-lightweight, and the optic is IPX7 rated for full water submersion. It’s an affordable option that’s quite robust, and I run a few STNGR rails, so I’m excited to see where to go with their optic’s line. 

A red dot on the Sub 2K makes it faster, easier to handle, and more accurate at range. The iron sights are ok, but an optic improves the weapon’s handling substantially. It’s easier to use in low light conditions, and with the optics mount, I’m not losing my ability to fold the gun. 

Matador Arms Regulator 

The Regulator is an exciting device. It’s a muzzle brake that has the ability to completely tune or even close every port. The idea behind the Regulator is simple. You can run it wide open most of the time. This results in the Matador Regulator, reducing recoil and muzzle rise significantly. It eats through the nominal recoil generated by most 9mm rounds and does an excellent job of making a controllable Sub 2k even more controllable. 

Matador Arms Regulator muzzle device on KelTec Sub 2K.

Let’s say you are shooting at night and want to reduce muzzle flash. Close up the Regulator and boom, no muzzle flash is generated through the ports. If you go to an indoor range and want to be a little more complete with your muzzle blast and noise? Close up the Regulator. The Matador Regulator is an outstanding muzzle device, and it comes in 5.56, 7.62, and of course, 9mm

Matador Arms Regulator muzzle device, closed, on KelTec Sub 2K.

Steiner Mk4 Battle Light 

Trying to find a light that complemented the sleek design of the Sub 2k was tough to do. I didn’t want a huge light hanging off the side of the gun, so I browsed and browsed. Finally, I stumbled across the Steiner Mk4 and its unique mounting system. The 12 o’clock mount prevented it from folding when mounted at the top, so I mounted it to the bottom of the gun. This resulted in a slick and slim light option plenty powerful for a PCC. 

Steiner Mk4 Battle Light on KelTec Sub 2000.

The Steiner Mk4 is a 500-lumen long gun light that’s pressure switch compatible. It’s light and handy, and the mounting system results in a convenient and lightweight means to illuminate a potential target. The light is cold but casts quite a distance giving you a powerful indoors/outdoors weapon light for your Sub 2K. 

Steiner Mk4 weapon light on KelTec Sub 2000.

Vickers One Sling 

It’s 2020 y’all we got a long gun which means we got a weapon that needs a sling. The Sub 2K is an ultralight PCC, and when it comes to slings, I could only think of one that mattered, and that was the Vickers One Sling. This sling is one-inch wide and .25 inches thinner than most slings. 

Blue Force Gear Vickers One Sling on KelTec Sub 2000.

This reduced weight and bulk and are better suited for smaller guns. The Vickers One Sling is a standard Combat Applications sling, just a little skinnier than most. The One sling features the same unbeatable pull tab design that instantly changes the size of the sling with nothing more than a tug. This allows you to run the gun with maximum mobility or to tighten it down to use your hands without your weapon dropping and sliding around. 

KelTec Sub 2K with Blue Force Gear Vickers One sling.

My 5 Five Favorite Sub 2K upgrades

So these are my five favorites upgrades. I think they each provide a different level of usefulness to the Sub 2k. When it comes to upgrading, the best thing you can ask is, what does this add-in value to my gun? If you don’t have a definite answer, then it might not be worth tacking it on to your weapon. What upgrades have you made to your KelTec Sub 2k? Let us know below. 

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  1. Jim

    Rail mounted laser will not hold zero on stock gen 2 gun.

  2. GomeznSA

    Interesting choices. My question is will any of them work on the early model Sub9 which of course evolved into the newer version.

  3. Steven D

    Of course there is….it looks like it has a whole rail in front of the optic platform the pic shows.

  4. kurt Mr betournay

    is there a flashlight, red or green dot, lazer dot that will fit onto the sub 2000 gen 2, without having to put on platforms,,,meaning is there one that comes to fit on somewhere on stock gun


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