Stern Defense RAB-AD: Overview of the Buttstock & Buffer Tube Adapter

| September 24, 2023
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During the TRIGGRCON 2032 event, the Stern Defense RAB-AD was prominently showcased among the myriad firearm accessories. This Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter, or RAB-AD caught the attention of many. We aim to provide an overview of the product, detailing its features, usage, and the company behind its creation. Let’s jump into it!

What is the Stern Defense RAB-AD?

The Stern Defense RAB-AD, also known as the Rapid Attach Buttstock Adapter, is a device designed to enhance the modularity of firearms. Acting as a buffer tube adapter, its primary function is to allow users to swiftly attach or detach a buttstock or pistol brace from their firearm. This feature offers the advantage of compact storage and easy transportation without requiring substantial firearm modifications.

    buffer tube adapter

How Does It Work?

The mechanism of the Stern Defense RAB-AD is straightforward. Users push a button to detach and twist the buffer tube adapter counter-clockwise by 30 degrees. This action separates the buttstock from the firearm. To re-attach, the two pieces are aligned, pushed in, and turned clockwise by 30 degrees. The steel locking mechanism of the RAB-AD automatically secures the adapter in place.

Constructed from 7075 aluminum, the RAB-AD boasts both durability and lightness. Its design, acting as a buffer tube adapter, is compatible with various firearm systems, including gas piston, direct impingement, direct blowback, and radial delayed blowback systems, specifically in the AR platform.

stern defense rab-ad

Key Features of the Stern Defense RAB-AD:

  • Material and Construction: The RAB-AD is made from 7075 aluminum with steel internals. It undergoes a hard coat anodizing process for maximum wear protection.
  • Compatibility: It’s important to note that the RAB-AD is incompatible with BCGs with a flared boss at the tail of the carrier. However, it is compatible with the JP silent capture spring.
  • Additional Features: The RAB-AD weighs in at 3.5 ounces and adds 1.25 inches to the length of the pull. It also comes with a buffer retainer to keep the buffer weight in the tube while disassembled and is compatible with all standard-length AR-15 bolts.

stern defense rab-ad

About Stern Defense:

Stern Defense positions itself as a specialty manufacturer dedicated to the precision, quality, and efficiency of the weapon accessories it produces. They use USA-supplied materials and emphasize that skilled machinists and engineers craft their products. Stern Defense is committed to serving law enforcement, hunters, shooters, and gun enthusiasts across the nation, upholding values they describe as traditional, rooted, and, in line with their brand name, stern.

The Stern Defense RAB-AD is presented as one of their innovative offerings in the firearm accessory market, particularly as a notable buffer tube adapter. It’s always advisable for potential users and buyers to conduct their own research to ensure that any product aligns with their specific needs and requirements.


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