M&P PCC: S&W’s FPC Folding Pistol Carbine

S&W M&P FPC Folding Pistol Carbine
| February 28, 2023
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The Smith & Wesson M&P Folding Pistol Carbine (FPC) is, as you might expect from the name, a pistol caliber carbine that folds at the ass end.  In addition to sporting an impressive series of acronyms (S&W M&P FPC), the weapon sports an M&P 2.0 style handgun grip “magwell”, a pair of built-in “mag pouches” in the stock, and a threaded barrel. 


Smith & Wesson side-folding 9mm PCC

S&W M&P FPC: 2.0 pistol grip magwell, two mags secured in the stock, a side-folder hinge, and threaded barrel.


If you’re a fan of the Glock brand pistols’ biggest rival, you’re going to like this. Even if you’re not, you can admire the design. It articulates inboard along the grip frame from a hinge forward of the trigger guard, for instance, and does so in a way that will leave most mounted optics undisturbed.

The charging slide on the back portion of the gun (just behind the right side ejection port) secures the folded part in place. A latch just forward of the ejection port unlocks the hinged portion. 


FPC folding carbine from Smith & Wesson


The manual of arms is obviously different than that of a typical AR9-type PCC, but the benefits provided will likely outweigh that minor drawback for someone who puts any training/familiarization time on it at all. 

The weapon is currently available only in 9mm, but given that they’re labeling this part as part of the M&P FPC series it’s a pretty good bet we’ll see options chambered for other cartridges. 

Here’s a look at it on the range: 



S&W M&P FPC Folding Pistol Carbine Reviews

  1. TFBTV
  2. Sootch00
  3. Ava Flanell

Scroll down or click a link to watch one or more. 


FPC Folding Pistol Carbine Specs


• Width: 2.5
• Length 36.25
• Height 8
• Weight 80.42
• Caliber 9MM
• Action: BlowbackACTION BLOWBACK
• Barrel length: 16.25
• Sights: None (optics ready) 
• Barrel: Threaded
• Barrel material: 4140 CM
• Frame: Aluminum


S&W M&P FPC Features

  • Integrated recoil buffer system.
  • Reversible magazine catch.
  • 30 3/8″ unfolded length to 16 3/8″ folded.
  • 1/2-28 threaded muzzle with thread protector.
  • Flat-face trigger with crisp break.
  • Compatible with M&P® Pistol double-stack magazines.
  • In-stock magazine storage w/quick-release tab system.
  • Horizontal folding mechanism with locking latch.
  • Horizontal folding design doesn’t interfere with top-mounted optics (optics sold separately).
  • M-LOK® slots on handguard with Picatinny-style rail on top.
  • Charging slide/handle doubles as retainer when folded.
  • Ships with (one) 17-round magazine and (two) 23-round magazines.



S&W M&P FPC side-folding 9mm carbine




S&W M&P folding pistol carbine SERIES

What do you think is next? 10mm PCC? .45 PCC? Maybe a .380?!?


S&W M&P FPC 9mm carbine



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  1. Michael A Usa

    I see there’s a QD port on the butt stock but I seem to only get it to click in from the inside which makes no sense. Is there a specific swivel to use on this gun?


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