Report | Adaptiv X V2DX Rendition Low-Viz Denim Jeans & Carbon Tactics EDC Belt

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| August 7, 2018
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This report is almost a year in the making. It features two American companies that design and manufacture their products here in the United States. Adaptiv X makes high-quality clothing and Carbon Tactics machines precision metal parts into belts and other products. I wanted to wear this pair of jeans with EDC belt for an extended period of time to truly get a good sense of the level of comfort as well as durability. Adaptiv X, formerly known as Oxcart US is now a partnership with Dynamis Alliance. I was sent a set of their V2DX Renditions last year when it was called Oxcart. The name Oxcart comes from the callsign of the CIA Spy plane, the precursor to the USAF SR-71. These denim designs were meant to be innovative and be low visible, like the planes they were named after.

At this point in time of writing this report, the pair of V2DX Renditions is my favorite set of EDC pants out of the many different types and brands over the years. I know that is saying a lot and I’ll tell you why.

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Comfort. They are easily one of, if not the most comfortable pants that I have worn ever. They are cut with flexibility for dynamic movement in mind. The fabric material is a nice blend with the right amount of thickness, or rather thinness, which makes them light and not too hot to wear all while maintaining the ability to stretch. I’ve been through a few training courses with them and they never hindered my ability to move.

Pockets. The Renditions have quite a bit of smartly designed and placed pockets. You wouldn’t notice them at a first or even second glance. There are 9 pockets in total with many of them either hidden or discreetly placed. This makes them the ideal choice for me as everyday carry wear, you can carry a lot on your person without drawing attention with cargo pockets and screaming tactical. The main two pockets are deep and help in preventing the contents from falling out in the seated position or while running. There are two hidden pockets right behind the main pockets that will hold a 30 round AR-15 mag or anything similar in sizes like a Tourniquet or small med kit. In front, there are two small pockets that can hold a pocket knife, spare magazine or flashlight. You have a lot of options to bring whatever you need, comfortably and without bringing attention to yourself.

All the features mentioned, I am again able to wear jeans, something that I haven’t done for years because other off the shelf jeans don’t get it done for me at all.

The only thing that I didn’t like so much was that the jeans need to be hemmed. When it comes to ordering, you’ll only have the option of choosing the waist size. It’s not a huge deal, I am just used to having my pants ready to go upon getting them. Cost is a factor, they’re not cheap and that’s because you’re getting a high-quality product that is made in the states, not overseas. They go for $150 and in my opinion, they are worth it.

From my favorite pair of jeans comes my favorite EDC Belt; the Quicky Magnetic Belt by Carbon Tactics.

Carbon Tactics is a small business operating out of Tucson, Arizona. They machine Aluminum, Titanium and other metals into precision parts that become belt and other equipment that they come up with that doesn’t quite exist yet.

The Quicky Magnetic Belt Buckle is CNC machined out of 6061 Aluminum and is a two-part system with male and female parts that each contains neodymium magnets. When they come together, it looks like a single piece buckle. Push them together and pivot one side and they come apart with ease. To close, bring them near each other and the magnets do the rest. It is a very simple and effective design. Once you set it to the right length, you’re all good to go and if you need to adjust it later, you can do so discreetly without having to disengage the buckle. The nylon webbing part of the belt is also made in-house and is very strong and durable. There are two options when it comes to the webbing, regular and double. They sent me both and as strong as the regular belt is, I would recommend the double. It gives you more rigidity and strength if you’re carrying a pistol.

The Quicky starts at $60.

These two American-made products are great by themselves; together they’re my preferred choice to go about my day. It allows me to carry everything I need without having to compromise by leaving certain parts of my kit at home or being noticed in public. For now, I can say with confidence that they are my favorite pair of jeans and a belt that wear almost exclusively on a daily basis.

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