Magpul ELG Furniture: Enhanced Lever Gun Accessories Announced

Magpul lever action accessories include the ELG Marlin stock and ELG Marlin handguards.
May 14, 2024  
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The Magpul ELG stock and ELG handguard are a pair of new lever action accessories from the Masters of Polymer Magazines (among other things). Both are M-LOK and (initially) designed for Marlin lever-action rifles. Hopefully, they’ll eventually come out with something for Henry rifles, too, but in the meantime, we’ll take a look at these.

Magpul's line of lever action rifle accessories has begun with the ELG stock and ELG handguard for Marlin lever guns.

Magpul ELG Marlin 1895 Handguard

The ELG Marlin 1895 hand guard is designed to “…optimize the functionality of the Marlin 1895-pattern series of lever-action rifles.”

So, basically, it’s going to upgrade your lever gun the same way other Magpul accessories upgrade your carbines and bolt guns.

The Marlin 1895 Magpul ELG Handguard is 12″ long. It attaches to the firearm using a proprietary and patented mechanism.

The Marlin 1895 ELG hand guard is a lever action upgrade from Magpul.

ELG M-LOK Hand Guard 1895 Features:

  • Quick and easy installation 
  • M-LOK slots to mount accessories 
  •   Integrated handstop 

Available on May 17th at

Magpul ELG Marlin Stock

The ELG M-Lock Stock-Marlin 1895/1894/336 (a name that rolls easily off the tongue) is a next-gen lever gun stock. It features numerous sling-attachment points, internal storage, and (perhaps most importantly) both Length of Pull and Comb Height adjustment.

The Magpul Marlin stock is designed to “…provide Marlin lever-action rifle shooters with a stock with maximum adaptability that optimizes their iconic firearm. With adjustable length-of-pull (LOP) and comb height for various types of optics, storage of extra ammunition or accessories in a weatherized portion of the stock, and the ability to attach various Magpul M-LOK accessories and slings, Magpul brings new capability to the lever-action rifle.”

The ELG stock for Marlin lever action rifles as on-board ammo storage, as well as both an adjustable length of pull and comb height.

ELG M-LOK Stock-Marlin 1895/1894/336 Stock Features:

  • Adjustable LOP (1.5ʺ total adjustability in 0.5ʺ increments)
  • Adjustable comb height (0.75ʺ total adjustability in 0.25ʺ increments) 
  • On-board ammo storage that is modifiable to other storage needs 
  • M-LOK slots for accessories 
  • Proprietary recoil pad 
  • A sling-swivel on the pistol grip (allows for easy carry) 

They’ll be available in black, FDE, and OD green (all colors coming soon).

 Available May 17th on the Magpul website.

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