Farm to Feet: If you Love America, Wear These Socks

| January 24, 2017
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Farm to Feet: If you Love America, Wear These Socks

Jeremy Stafford

When you walk a huge trade show like SHOT 2017, it’s easy for smaller companies to slip through the cracks as you get lost in the awesomeness of booths like Sig’s behemoth. Sometimes though, you find redemption for selling your soul for swag in smaller, family-run booths. This, my friends, is not a story about socks. It’s a story about redemption.


I wandered past the “Farm to Feet” booth in a drunken haze after swilling free beer from the Arc’teryx booth, and was impressed that their booth proudly proclaimed “100% American Sourced.” I got to talking to the lovely young lady at the booth and started asking pointed questions about that claim. In this industry, it’s often an empty tag line companies use to play upon our patriotism.

There’s no such issue with Farm to Feet. Everything from the paper and ink they print their flyers with to the farm-grown wool they use for their socks is 100 percent US sourced. It’s not an empty promise, it’s a commitment.

The socks themselves run the gamut from thick, cold weather hikers to sheer athletic models, with several tactical socks that hybridize the best from the hiking and athletic lines. Their top of the line models are produced on machines that use US-produced 22.5 micron Merino wool, and feature specialized compression zones and closed, flat seamed toes. The socks aren’t some sort of old school throwback, they’re absolutely state of the art.

I was given a pair of the Coronado lightweight tactical socks and decided to wear them the next day. I wore them all day at the show and into the night’s festivities (thank you, Agency Arms), and they remained comfortable and dry the entire time. My Garmin Tactix recorded 22, 319 steps from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep, so while this wasn’t an austere conditions wear test, it also wasn’t a walk in the park. 22, 319 steps equal roughly 10.5 miles.

I have more models coming so I can do an in-depth and multiple environment wear test, but I expect these socks to perform as advertised. The market is flooded with cheap, crappy made-in-China socks that do nothing for the long term health of your feet; you’re better than that, and your feet deserve better than that. You can’t get to the fight if you’re a foot casualty.

While they might cost a tiny bit more, the fact that Farm to Feet socks keep 200 Americans employed (not to mention all of the farmers and suppliers) is more than enough reason, to me at least, to spend a little more. During the last election, there was lots of talk about supporting American workers. Time to stop talking and start supporting.


[You can find Farm to Feet online here]

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About the Author: Jeremy Stafford is a truculent old school LEO and a combat veteran of the Marine Corps. He has just one beady eye (the right), a single shriveled testicle (the left) and is rumored to be the adopted son of Burt and Heather Gummer. (Grunts: truculent). Probably only part of that’s true, but really does it matter? Jeremy has been serving with the Los Angeles Police Department for nearly 20 years, both on the road and in specialty assignments. He is currently a senior instructor at the LAPD Firearms and Tactics Division, is a Krav Maga instructor and probably the guy responsible for those few times you see some Hollywood type actually handling a gun correctly. He’s written for several publications like SureFire’s Combat Tactics Magazine and is one of the main reasons we started reading Guns & Ammo again (the other is Mudge.) Stafford teaches for the SureFire Institute, mentors local youth (including kids doing the Spartan Race) and he runs many courses himself (think marathons, Tough Mudders and assorted other needless exercises in self-flagellation). Follow him on Instagram here (@jestafford).



  1. Five

    I got so tired of mismatched socks, missing socks, stretched and holed socks from my teens through my early twenties that in my late twenties I decided to buy 31 pairs of high quality wool socks. Twelve years later I’m still wearing the same set of socks and they’re still in good shape, it was an amazingly good buy. Hard to go wrong with high quality wool socks.

    • Five

      The ones I bought over a decade ago from Danner (who no longer carries the same style) look very similar to the heavy weight Kodiak style from Farm to Feet, in fact, it looks almost identical.


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