Kung Fury – The Movie is Finally Out

Who wouldn’t want to crush Nazis with a tank, or bang a Viking babe who carries a mini-gun?

No one, that’s who.

Kung Fury Breach Bang Clear 1

Kung Fury Breach Bang Clear 8

LaserUnicorns” has finally released a movie that’s loosely based on the real life adventures of the Mad Duo (it’s not 100% accurate because no one would believe the reality).

Settle in – you’re gonna want to spend the half hour this takes. You’ll definitely want to watch the music video too.

“What year is this?”

“It’s the Viking Age.”

“That explains the Laser Raptor. Fuck!

Kung Fury Breach Bang Clear 3

Kung Fury Breach Bang Clear 4

Watch as renegade cop Kung Fury is hurled back in time to fight the diabolical Kung F├╝hrer and his evil Nazi legions.

Kung Fury Breach Bang Clear 5

Kung Fury is gonna make some 80s action movie stars jealous – maybe even mad.




More on the website here. On Instagram right here.

Kung Fury Breach Bang Clear 7


Here’s a video from the official soundtrack. Yeah, that’s David Hasselhoff.


You’re welcome.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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