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May 22, 2019  
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Knife Art has been an online retailer of high-quality knives since it was founded by brothers Larry and Rodney Connelly in 1998. Based in Little Rock, AR (which they refer to as “the heartland of knife country), the lineup of manufacturers and designers they carry is an all-star “who’s who” of custom knife makers. Whether you’re looking for blades by Ryan Johnson, Rick Hinderer, Daniel Winkler, Chris Reeve, Ernie Emerson, Jason Knight, or someone of equal reputation and ability, chances are you’ll find it at Knife Art. You’re reading about them right now because we’re planning a road trip soon and they’re on our list of stops (and ‘cuz we buy knives from ’em, obviously).

Check out; it’s well worth the look, promise ya.

Knife Art – a most excellent online knife store

Fixed blade or folder, EDC knife or high-end blade collector’s prize, has an extraordinary selection of brands — over 20 at last count. They maintain an impressive library of articles (they call it the Knife Knowledge Hub) for you to get your learn on, and they have an excellent rewards program too.

Here are just a few previews for you to drool over, and when you’re done looking at these knives, you’ll find dozens more knife styles and brands when you visit ’em. 

Custom Knives and custom knifemakers at Knifeart

The knife brands you’ll find at

Winkler Knives

Winkler Knives custom manufactures a diverse line of high-performance edged tools. These include breaching and rescue tools used by professional military, law enforcement, first responder personnel, as well as outdoor enthusiasts. They are known for their tapered or skeletonized tangs, no-glare finishes, and multi-option carry systems. Here are two of the Winkler Knives that you can find at Knife Art.

Winkler Damascus Belt Knife

This Damascus Belt knife features a forged blade of Damascus steel and a durable black micarta handle. It is designed to perform in a variety of environments and situations, even creating the spark to start a campfire.
Knife Art Winkler Damascus Belt Knife

The Damascus Belt Knife can be found at

BRAND: Winkler Knives II
BLADE SIZE: 4 1/2″
BLADE MATERIAL: Hand Forged Damascus by Brad Vice
HANDLE: Premium Micarta
GUARD: Integral
SHEATH: Custom Kydex Lined Leather Sheath
WEIGHT: 7.6 oz.

Jason Knight Full Tang Bowie Knife

Created by bladesmith Daniel Winkler, this bowie knife resembles survival bowie knives used by elite military units. Winkler pulls his inspiration from 18th-century survival tools.
Knife Art Winkler Jason Knight Full Tang Bowie

Designed by bladesmith Jason Knight and built by Daniel Winkler, this bowie knife can be used for camping, self-defense, and outdoor adventures.

MAKER: Winkler Knives II
DESIGNER: Jason Knight
BLADE SIZE: 9 3/4″
TOTAL SIZE: 15 1/2″
BLADE MATERIAL: 80CRV2 Carbon Steel – Black Caswell Finish – .25″ Thick
HANDLE: Black Micarta
SHEATH: Custom Felt Lined Kydex Sheath
WEIGHT: 1 lb. 3 oz.

RMJ Tactical

Founded in 2005, RMJ Tactical was founded with the primary mission of providing troops with tools that will help them return home. They specialize in tomahawks, and they also manufacture knives, MOLLE platform, a tactical Viking ax, rescue tools, breaching tools, bracelets, and pendants. Here are two of the RMJ Tactical tools that you can find on Knifeart.

Kestrel Tomahawk by Ryan Johnson

This tool was inspired by the tomahawks that were used in battle during the French and Indian War. The features that made it so valuable back then have been upgraded with modern materials and crafting techniques.

Knife Art RMJ Tactical Kestrel Tomahawk

Inspired by tomahawks from the French and Indian War, this tomahawk is suited for use as a close quarters tool or weapon.

MAKER: RMJ Tactical
DESIGNER: Ryan Johnson
HANDLE: 3D Contoured G-10
SHEATH: Black Kydex with Rubber Belt Snap Loop and Low Ride M.O.C. Rings
WEIGHT: 1 lb. 9 oz.

“Though Larry and Rodney have created a perfectly sustainable online model, the duo regularly looks for ways to make even better. By communicating and working with premier knife makers the world over, the brothers consistently offer the most comprehensive and high-quality selection of knives. Moreover, each purchased knife is brand new, straight from the makers themselves. This assures the craftsmanship of the purchased knives remains incredibly high, allowing customers to buy from with ease.” Rick Stell, The Manual

RMJ Tactical Raider Dagger

This dagger has a G-10 3D textured handle which is open riveted right onto the full-tang construct of the blade steel. This makes other applications possible with the addition of a paracord, as well as a sure grip without.

Knife Art RMJ Raider Dagger

The stainless steel blade has a Rockwell hardness of 58-60: tough enough to take whatever punishment you can throw at it, yet flexible enough to keep and maintain a razor-sharp edge.

MAKER: RMJ Tactical
HANDLE: G-10 3D textured
SHEATH: Black Kydex with belt loops to be used with MOLLE straps for several carry and placement options.
WEIGHT: 7.43 oz.

Zero Tolerance

Since 2006, Zero Tolerance Knives has been producing Made-in-USA hard-use knives that meet the needs of professional military, law enforcement, and first responder personnel. Initially, they produced combat knives, but their lines have since expanded to include a variety of general use and premium knives. Here are a couple of the Zero Tolerance knives that you can find on Knife Art.

Zero Tolerance Knives: 0562TS Sprint Run Edition

This compact everyday carry folding knife utilizes Rick Hinderer’s exclusive slicer grind, which is a deep hollow grind that provides cutting and slicing power from the base to the curve.

Knife Art Zero Tolerance 0562 Hinderer

This knife performs very well as an EDC knife – but you probably already knew that.

Maker: Zero Tolerance Knives
Designer: Rick Hinderer
Blade Length: 3.5″
Blade Thickness: 0.156″
Blade Material: Stainless CPM20CV Stainless Steel with Tiger Stripe Finish
Handle Thickness: 0.49″
Handle Material: Black G-10 Front, Black DLC Coated Titanium Back
Frame: Titanium
Closed Length: 4.8″
Overall Length: 8.3″
Weight: 5.5 oz.


ZT Knives 0609PUR RJ Martin Sprint Run

This is a high-tech folder from Zero Tolerance. The sleek design makes it exceptionally comfortable for everyday carry or for heavy use in tactical applications.

Knife Art Zero Tolerance 0609 Flipper Folding Knife

Weighing in at only 3.3 ounces, this knife is perfect for comfortable, lightweight everyday carry and use in tactical applications.

MAKER: Zero Tolerance Knives Design by RJ Martin and Matt Martin
BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless CPM-20CV Steel – Gray DLC Coated – Rockwell Hardness 60-62
HANDLE: Purple Anodized Titanium


Benchmade produces a lot of knives, and we really do mean a lot. Sometimes the quantity in itself can be a bit overwhelming. It makes it hard to choose — we get that. Knowing which knife works for you task-wise (and within your financial lateral limits) can be a big deal. Here are two of the Benchmade knives that you can find at Knife Art.

Benchmade Knives 485 Valet

Knife Art Benchmade 485 Valet

You can carry and use this knife easily, whether you are left or right-handed.

MAKER: Benchmade Knives
BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless M390 Steel
FRAME: Contoured Gray G-10
LINERS: Stainless Steel
WEIGHT: 2.18 oz.


Benchmade 535-191 Bugout Damascus and Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

Knife Art Benchmade Bugout Damascus Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

This Damasteel blade holds an edge like crazy and at a 58-60 HRC, it is extremely tough.

MAKER: Benchmade Knives
BLADE MATERIAL: Damasteel Damascus
HANDLE: Carbon Fiber
INLAY: Blue C-Tek
WEIGHT: 2.1 oz.

Now, if these features of the Bugout don’t sway you, it’s possible the $750.00 price Benchmade put on the product will. That’s a serious price for a knife, though in fairness it’s a pretty damn serious knife.

If you make this purchase, do us a favor; let us know if it’s worth it!

Now, from the retailer…


KnifeArt: High-End Brands

As described by the website itself

KnifeArt carries a comprehensive selection of great art knives for sale from everyday carry to high-end collector’s items. Since 1998, we have been providing the finest selection of brand-name knives online…Our items are curated, individually selected and screened for high quality…KnifeArt prides itself on customer service that is prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous. This winning combination makes it the one-stop destination for the needs of collectors, connoisseurs, gift-givers, and casual users who just seek an everyday carry knife.

Knife Art knives come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and budgets for discerning knife enthusiasts. We have a large assortment of fixed blade tactical knives and pocket folders. You can get 1-piece integral frame knives, flippers, frame-lock knives and more that are strong enough for any use. Choose from a variety of blade steels that offer different levels of strength, edge retention, ease of sharpening, and affordability….[F]or elite knives and precision gear, KnifeArt boasts a long list of repeat buyers that are so pleased with their initial experience buying from the company that they return again and again. KnifeArt founders Rodney and Larry Connelley know there are plenty of places you can buy a knife, so the mission of providing better customer service and a wider selection of superior brand-name knives is one that is reinforced every day…


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Want to read more about wicked-cool knives? Take a look at the Trident Elite Throat Slitter. And weigh in with your favorite brand or maker below, please!


Larry Connelly and Rodney Connelly, founders of Knifeart

Larry and Rodney Connelly, founders of Knifeart.


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