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| November 23, 2015
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Mounted here on a Walther PPK/S in 22 lr, Underground Tactical’s Little Puff looks like it was made for it…and yes, like you, we’re trying to figure out a good blowjob reference but so far it’s not working out. Read the review of this little can while we engage in ruminative cogitation. Mad Duo

Mounted on a Walther PPK/S in 22 lr, Underground Tactical's Little Puff looks like it was made for it.

The Little Puff Silencer – from Underground Tactical

The Mad Duo

A few months back we was surfin’ the web in search of a backup rimfire (rim fire not job) silencer. Yes, we’re aware that technically you only need three silencers to cover all bases: centerfire rifle (.308 and up can handle .223/5.56), .45 pistol (a quality .45 can will work with 9mm and .40 S&W) and a rimfire (cuz .22s), but...can you have too many cans? This is America, so no. Since our minions have a bunch of threaded .22s scattered among them, we reckoned we would get another can — if the price was right.

So, on Searson’s advice we logged onto Silencershop.com and started sorting through their rimfire offerings.

Surfing for Silencers

Imagine our surprise when, sorting by price, we found one we’d never heard of before. It was on sale for less than the price of our EDC flashlight, and was rated to handle .22 Magnum and FN 5.7! It was the Underground Tactical Arms Company “Little Puff.” And yes, there are Big Puffs too.

Behold! The Little Puff from Underground Tactical

Behold! The Little Puff from Underground Tactical

Well, hell. That’s less than an average night at Nancy’s Squat’n’Gobble without the happy ending.

“Shut up,” thought we, “and take our money!”

It was a Friday night when we bought and paid for it. Wasn’t until later it occurred to us we might oughta see if it was any good at all. Thankfully when we called on Monday to ask about it SilencerShop told us it was a well-made can. Unfortunately it turns out you can’t take one apart.

That blew (get it – Little Puff, that blew?) but we’ve had such silencers before. Remember the Gemtech Outback we shot the hell out of and never took apart? We’ll see how this Underground Tactical compares when the wait is over.

There is a feeling you get when you finally receive that email from SilencerShop.com, telling you your order is ready. It’s not quite being a kid at Christmas and it’s not like winning the lottery but there’ definitely a giddy sense of anticipation (it’s certainly nowhere near as bad as when you realize that thing on your GILF stripper’s thigh isn’t a scar after all, but Swingin’ Dick doesn’t like to talk about that). The evening before it arrives at the Big Brown Shipping Hub you get the urge to go down and ask for it directly, but you don’t, even though there is a statute of limitations.

As you can imagine, when that box showed up, we ripped into it like Merrill opening a new Fleshlight.

Unlike other silencers from larger companies, you just get the Little Puff in a plain cardboard box. Again, for the price, who cares if there’s no patch, pouch or temporary tattoo? A quality pouch is just $15 at Silencer Shop.

Little Puff mounted on Beretta Model 71

Little Puff mounted on Beretta Model 71

The Little Puff reeks of quality as soon as you pick it up. At six inches long, it’s slightly heavier than other rimfire cans, but you’ll be glad about that when you read the next part. It resembles a miniaturized rifle can in its styling, but does not come apart. Unlike a center fire rifle can it is a completely sealed unit. Rimfire rounds are notoriously filthy, to the point where a dirty can can simply no longer function–that is always a concern.

Unlike all the window-lickers looking for a reason to be outraged, we didn’t go on the internet and wail about it. Instead we picked up the phone and contacted Underground Tactical. They explained why it wasn’t designed to be taken apart, their thought being that most people who take firearms and accessories apart do more to damage them than clean them when performing maintenance. They advise they have models that have tens of thousands of rounds through them with no issues. That’s makes sound reasoning, if correct (we’ll be looking to validate it). They also told us there’s a future version coming out that will be user serviceable.

Anyway, we tried the Little Puff on a variety of hosts including a Ruger 10/22, Beretta Model 71, Walther PPK/S, S&W Model 41 and an Uzi SMG with a Black Dog 22 rimfire conversion kit installed. Of everything we’ve fed it so far, it typically performed best with GemTech subsonics except in the Uzi, where it functioned best either with GemTech, Remington Golden Jacket and all CCI High Velocity.

Uzi Does It! In 22 this blaster is a real hoot!

Uzi Does It! In 22 this blaster is a real hoot!


The 6″ can was quiet to the tone of 118 to 120 Decibels and thus far has been mechanically reliable. For the price it’s the perfect gateway into the wild world of NFA. We are dying to try it on our FN PS90, but that one is currently undergoing surgery at TROS to come back with a shortened and threaded barrel. We’ll have to update you on that later.

Modify short sights with something semi permanent, craypns won't cut it!

Modify short sights with something semi permanent, craypns won’t cut it!

In the meantime we’ll run it on our .22s, albeit with a few caveats:

  • On small-framed .22s like the Beretta Model 71, Walther PPK/S, Sig Mosquito, etc, you will need to “shoot through the can” . It’s basically superimposing the can over the target and pretending it’s not there. It helps if you use contrasting sights.
  • Never run a patch through the can. It’s like a mini rifle can and it could come off in the baffles with no way out and be a potential fire hazard. That might make for a cool YouTube video…but we don’t want to try it, unless they pay us in Jameson’s.
  • Do not use Federal Match Grade .22s in a full auto Uzi with the can, unless you want to run single shot only. No semi, no full auto, it will not cycle and a bolt action Uzi in .22 with a useless happy switch is about as fun as field daying the barracks boot camp style.

You can find Silencer Shop online here and on Facebook here. You can also subscribe to them on YouTube. or follow them on Instagram (@silencershop). Underground Tactical is online right here. They’re on Facebook here and you can follow them on Instagram (@undergroundtactical) right here.

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