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| July 15, 2016
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Belts are like hookers; sometimes you want them loose and flexible so you can fit your big stuff in them. Other times you want them wrapped around you as tight as possible. Hell, sometimes they even come in pairs. The great thing about choosing the best belt for you is that this is America, and in the immortal words of the King de Burger, “Have it your way.” Grey Ghost Gear let us have it our way with their new low profile duty/war belt—a combination inner and outer belt designed to carry basic loads without screaming, “I OPERATE SO FUCKING HARD!

Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

It was called the Banshee when we received it, but the name has progressed to the UGF Battle Belt. Rumor has it, the boys down south who protect the borders took to calling it the Unicorn of Gunfighter Belts, hence the UGF. Regardless of what it’s called, Grey Ghost Gear says it’s “designed with the shooter in mind”.

At first glance, we can easily see applications for LE/MIL, civilian, and competition use. Mind you, as it tries to cater to all users, it’s not going to be the ultimate setup for a specific discipline. But you have only so much money to spend, so spend it wisely. Back to the original analogy: why get a bunch of low-class hookers when you can have a single, amazing, professional escort?

Building a battle belt with Grey Ghost Gear

The 1.5” inner belt is padded but not overstuffed like your dad’s La-Z-Boy. The outside of the inner belt is 100% loop field with a simple D-loop closure. The 2” outer belt’s inside is all hook field to securely match up to the inner belt. The exterior is comprised of PALS-style webbing around the entire circumference, providing all the attachment points you need. The primary buckle system is a COBRA from AustriAlpin.

Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

After running this setup through a recent two-day shoothouse course, we can say it performed very well loaded with a holster, two mag pouches, medkit, and a dump pouch. It was super easy to remove the outer belt during downtimes and just as fast to reattach when we had to jock up.

Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

Sizing is a bit on the large side, so pay attention to the chart from the GGG website. Stagliano (seen above) has a 36″ waist and the Medium fits very well.

  • X-Small – 29″-31″
  • Small – 32″-34″
  • Medium – 35″-37″
  • Large – 38″-40″
  • X-Large – 41″-43″

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GGG kit

As of this writing, the UGF Battle Belt is rated 4.0 out of 5 on the GGG site by customers.

It is similarly rated on Amazon, averaging 4.5-4.9, usually with 20-30 or more reviewers.

GGG UGF Battle Belt

“The UGF width was reduced to create a lower profile belt than other military battle belts that get into the 3-4 inch width range. You can weave straps and Malice clips thru the MOLLE even with the narrower gap, the accessory/magazine pouch’s center webbing strap just gets pinched a bit. We have done this on several of our personal belts, and the additional items are locked in very well.” ∼ Grey Ghost Gear


Here’s how the manufacturer describes it: 

The “UGF” Belt is a lightweight two-piece platform. Specifically designed with the shooter in mind. Gone are the days of cumbersome oversized “Battle Belts” and wearing multiple belts to the range. This “inner/outer” belt system features a padded comfortable 1.5-inch inner belt and a 2-inch outer belt with multiple attachment points making it fully customizable. The sturdy hook and loop strips keep your tools of the trade secure and right where they need to be. UGF Belts now feature 0.5″ webbing on the outer belt and have 3 point loops for the UGF Suspenders on the inner belt.

Note: Dimensions based on belt length in inches, not waist size.

GGG UGF belt - a good foundation for your battle belt setup.

GG calls this the UGF as an acronym for “Ultimate GunFighter”. They say, “Specifically designed with the shooter in mind. Gone are the days of cumbersome oversized battle belts and wearing multiple belts to the range.


GGG UGF belt - a good foundation for your battle belt setup.

Again quoting the manufacturer: “This “inner/outer” belt system features a padded comfortable 1.5-inch inner belt and a 2-inch outer belt with multiple attachment points making it fully customizable. The sturdy hook and loop strips keep your tools of the trade secure and right where they need to be.”


GGG UGF belt - a good foundation for your battle belt setup.

“What size UGF Belt will fit you? It’s important to measure the exact circumference of the location where the top of your pants are. Different folks wear their belts high, low, or anywhere in between, so it is critical to measure your actual beltline. Do not go off your waist size.” ∼ Grey Ghost Gear


GGG UGF belt - a good foundation for your battle belt setup.

“Simply don the padded inner belt using your pant’s belt loops and synch it down for an all-day comfortable belt. Seriously, you might just wear the inner belt every day! With 3 integrated loops, the inner belt can be used with 3 point suspenders just in case you load up that UGF outer belt with too many mags and gadgets” ∼ Grey Ghost Gear


GGG UGF Battle Belt

[From a review on the GG website] “I’ve always had a hard time gaining weight. My waist is 30” and the small UGF is as small as it will go. I would like to have it a little tighter, but honestly, it fits pretty well and has no problems associated with being too big (which it isn’t). The webbing is tight and took some effort to attach my components, but I would rather it be tight than loose.

I tend to wear inner belts as a daily wear belt and have since I bought under uniform suspenders, so I too wish I could purchase an additional inner belt, as the Velcro tends to wear it on my other non-Grey Ghost inner belts. I have tried my other inner belt (that isn’t padded) and it makes the UGF too large for me, so I can’t use any other inner belt than the GG. That’s an additional reason for wanting a separate inner belt.

I would purchase it again and will if it ever wears out. Please make the inner belt available separately. Even if it’s puke green! Well done!” Reviewer “SR”

GGG UGF Battle Belt

[From a review on the GG website] “This seems to me to be a good purchase.

This has most of the features you want in a dual belt system. Although as some mention there can be an issue with running things through the webbing on the outer belt.

Remedy: Just use a small screwdriver to push the webbing up to get your molle through the webbing. Works fairly easily. Also helps to separate the outer belt from the inner one when wanting to do attachment of accessories in my opinion. I have seen one or two complaints that the buckle is too small. All I have to say is, how much buckle do you need? I have yanked on this buckle and it has yet to disconnect, so it certainly seems to be enough to hold gear around your waist.

If you want to repel then you need something else. This is a low-profile solution, as opposed to some of the belts that I looked at that were huge by comparison. So not sure why some think it’s substandard to other belts, but “ALL” products tend to have strengths and weaknesses. I got this belt as a large as opposed to an XLG, because I wasn’t sure how it fit.

It works and now I think that going to XLG would have left the belt a bit loose. All in All, I like what I purchased, and time will tell if it holds up to use. Reviewer “Greg Chamberlain” 

Note that not all reviews are as laudatory, as this one demonstrates. (Which is why you should perform due diligence before buying gear!)

Building a battle belt with Grey Ghost Gear

[From a review on the GG website]  “Great idea, medium great executions.

I love the construction and the narrow width of the belt. Most belts are too wide and end up being floppy or incorporate some rubber over belt that shifts and moves. This belt is narrow, solid, and works as designed (that is both the good and the bad).

For those who don’t get how to use the malice clips or similar due to the narrow gap between loops, it’s simple. Just run the clip through the top belt loop, pinch the molle webbing, and run it behind the webbing and back through the belt loop. Yes, it is tight, but that is the point: You don’t want your pouches wiggling around.

It is awesome that way!

The “Meh”…The inner belt is a joke. Throw it away and buy a real one from someone else!

The Cobra Buckle and attachment are the wrong sizes and the strap is flimsy. It tends to pinch skin…..and I am skinny, can’t imagine if I had any overhang. Maybe I am a whiny little kid, but after a few hours of that, I tend to get irritated.

Suggestion: Use a larger buckle and offset it slightly so that the adjustable end is actually anchored about 2-3 inches behind the tip of the belt (like the old west ranger style leather belts). You can add a layer of velcro under the overhang and use it as an extra-secure closure that does not wiggle or move once buckled (Blackhawk had a belt like this and it was bulletproof and extremely stable).

For me, I am having this belt modded at a sail repair shop so that the buckle is the right size and I will see if I can use it.” Reviewer “JP”

Not a sterling recommendation, there, but important to note. Happily, however, it’s in the minority. Far more of the reviews are like this one:

Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

[From a review on the GG website] “Great belt for training.

I’ve tried quite a few ‘battle belts’ over the years, and this UGF belt is one of my favorites. While the inner/outer belt system isn’t new, Grey Ghost got it right. I’ll often wear the inner belt even outside the range for its comfort and simplicity, especially when traveling. The outer belt is where it really shines, with a cobra buckle latch making it easy to put on and throw off. Fantastic when the training session or range time is over… just unbuckle and peel the outer belt off with all your gear, and carry on without having to swap belts or anything.

As far as attaching goes, I run 4 pistol mag pouches and 4 carbine mag pouches… as well as a dump pouch, utility pouch, and holster. I can really load this belt up. I was confused at first with the narrower gap between MOLLE webbing than most gear, but I found I can still weave the pouches on rock-solid, it just takes a little extra effort. That smaller gap is what makes this belt 2 inches wide instead of 3, which is more than I was after.

After about 8-12 months of hard use I did start to have some stitches on the inner belt come loose, but a simple call to GGG and I had it sent in, repaired, and back in service in less than a couple of weeks. Good luck getting the same service from the other belt guys out there. 5 stars GG, keep it up! Reviewer “Clint Bowers


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