GBRS Lerna Mount Kit: Spotlight from TRIGGRCON

GBRS Group Lerna Mount Kit
September 23, 2023  
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TRIGGRCON, the annual firearms industry event held in the Wichita, KS area, is known for showcasing premier innovations in the firearms sector. This year, at the Hartman Arena and Severance Training Center, the GBRS Group Lerna Mount Kit stood out as a notable product, drawing attention from industry professionals, influencers, and enthusiasts.

GBRS Group Lerna Mount Kit: A Closer Look

The GBRS Lerna Mount is a stand-alone optic mount designed with a unique 2.91″ Optic Centerline. This design facilitates faster target identification, even when users face obstructions from gear such as EarPro/Comms headsets, Gas masks/CBRN, and Night vision devices.

One of the standout features is its emphasis on a “Heads up” posture. This allows users, especially those in body armor, to maintain a vertical spine, presenting the armor plates towards potential threats. The design promotes faster processing speed and heightened situational awareness.

GBRS Lerna Mount Specifications

  • Materials: The mount is crafted from 6061-T6 Aluminum, with other components made from stainless steel, all finished to the highest standards.
  • Weight: Depending on the compatibility, the weights range from 4.2oz to 4.8oz.
  • Compatibility: The mount is versatile and compatible with various optics from leading brands like AIMPOINT®, EOTECH®, and Trijicon®.
  • Colors: Available in Black and FDE, with a note on potential slight color variations in the FDE anodized parts due to the anodizing process.

The GBRS Lerna Mount, with its innovative design and features, was one of the many products that shone at TRIGGRCON. For those in the firearms industry or enthusiasts looking for the latest and best, TRIGGRCON remains the event to watch.


Spanning three days, TRIGGRCON offers a unique format that blends the exhibition with hands-on experience. Manufacturers can showcase their products for the first two days, interacting directly with the public, media, and industry peers. The third day is all about action, as it transitions to the range, allowing attendees to test the products they’ve seen – an actual “See It, Then Shoot It!” experience.

The event is selective, focusing on inviting only premier manufacturers. This ensures that attendees comprise the highest level of prosumers, influencers, LEO/MIL buyers, and media. For manufacturers, TRIGGRCON is the perfect platform to announce new products, aligning with the industry consumers’ buying habits.

Additionally, TRIGGRCON isn’t just about firearms and gear. The TRIGGRCON Experience Party, held on Friday night, Sept. 22nd, is a highlight. While exhibitors receive two tickets, additional tickets can be purchased, with all proceeds going to The Resilient Warrior Housing for Veterans program.

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