Friday Night Gunfights: Parking Garage Dustup (The Town)

October 6, 2017  
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Friday Night Gunfights we’re gonna try something just a little different. We’re gonna give you our take on the deal, then after a day or two we’ll cull the best insight and commentary from our readership and do a follow-up post. Hit us with your take. Mad Duo

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Friday Night Gunfights: The Town, Parking Garage Dustup



A robbery crew in Boston pulls a heist in Fenway Park (never would have worked at a Cubs game) and is in the lower level service area making a transition to their getaway vehicle (an ambulance). Unbeknownst to them, the FBI is on site and looking for them. Dressed as EMTs and loading up to exfil, a member of the crew makes an LE tactical team approaching them. Cue the fireworks!


00:03- LE Team is spotted and the fight is on. Immediate suppressive fire

01:03- Bad Guy takes a round from a guard in an armored car parked next to them and goes down. Other bad guys identify the secondary threat and maneuver on it.

02:54- Coordinated NSFDD deployment from LEO Teams on the inside and outside of the structure.

03:30- Bad Guy killed with a beautiful head shot after NSFDD deployment.

03:42- LEO Team shield takes repeated rounds and shatters. LEOs perform rescue of downed officer under fire

04:42- FBI mobile command post gets crunched. Bosses gonna be pissed! 

Why yes. Yes, sometimes it surely is.


Dig it.

  • Acceptable communication throughout the fight by Bad Guys and LE alike, calling out descriptions numbers, locations, etc.
  • NSFDDs deployment was effective.
  • Officer down rescue to a position of cover utilizing cover officer and directed fire.



  • “Atlantic Armored” security guy by himself opens up on Bad Guys — good  intention, poorly executed. The firing port covers on the armored cars lock in place to prevent muzzles being stuck inside and rounds bouncing around like that.
  • LEO teams fail to act after NSFDD deployment; despite that ‘bang apparently being MOAF (Mother Of All Flashbangs) they should have kept dumping those things in from the outside while the interior team maneuvered.
  • Ambulance barreling out of the garage created immediate crossfire.


What the Fuck?

  • 03:31 Entry guy yearning to be a sniper cycles a round after a beautiful headshot with the charging handle on his AR while simultaneously activating his WML. Failure to feed is the only acceptable reason for that I can think of for that. Silliness! Or is this some Hollywood attempt to make it sniper-like, as though he were working the action on a bolt gun?

  • o3:36 after all this, we still have dudes with more of their meat above cover than beside it?
  • Shooting the tires on the ambulance! Deadly Force is Deadly Force, might as well unplug the driver. If you can’t do that, or aren’t sure you should…don’t shoot!


  • Does anyone ever actually wear their eyepro or is it just there to look good on their helmets?
  • Great sound effects early on when they hear the echoing of the gunfire.
  • MP5SD3 — interesting choice for a bank robber.
  • Why does Ben Affleck hold his SA58 with the thumb on the right side of the pistol grip, alongside all his other fingers?

You can find The Town on IMFDB right here.

Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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Patrick DuFriend

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  1. Johnny Come Lately

    As someone who works with firearms for movies I’d be willing to bet money that the reason the SWAT officer racked his rifle is because rifles don’t always cycle reliably with blanks. The in-barrel blank firing adapters are notoriously finicky. The guy firing the gun was probably familiar enough with them (lots of vets get those roles) to know what to do when the rifle didn’t go bang. When they were cutting the scene together the editors probably decided to keep it in because they didn’t know what he was doing but thought it looked cool.

  2. Paul H.

    This movie has quite a few terrific scenes, especially when then pull up across from the detail cop sitting in the cruiser, and he decides to best not see them. As for a future Friday Nite Fights writeup, how about the infiltration/exfil finale scene in Proof of Life? I’d be curious to see what you guys think. Keep the faith & hit your targets boys.

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