Force IMI Launches Training Center in Florida

Force IMI Florida training facility campus, aerial view.
| April 17, 2020
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Whenever a training company moves to the great state of Florida I perk up a bit. This is based purely on selfish necessity and the hatred of flying with guns. The fact that we don’t have an income tax also helps these companies grow. Force IMI is opening a massive facility in the remains of an old correctional center. They grabbed some mops and paint and likely had an excellent montage as they cleaned up the old prison to create a world-class training facility.

Force IMI Training Facility, Florida.

Force IMI has created the Force Center, a world-class training facility outfitted with all the latest and greatest in training areas. This includes:

  • off-road tactical driving range
  • 360-degree firing range
  • 2-mile precision rifle range
  • 4 story sniper tower
  • FAA certified unrestricted airspace
  • 3,700 foot runway
  • Multiple Zs for helicopters.


Force IMI Training Facility in Florida - FAA certified unrestricted airspace.

The training center is in Immokalee, 40 minutes east of Naples, and don’t worry I can’t pronounce it either.  Hell, I can barely spell it. Although, there used to be a great strip club in the area called Lookers that had a damn fine day shift squad.

The training center is made up of 1,200 acres with several buildings set up for scenario training. On top of all that the place even has six duplexes and a large open squad bay that allows up to 80+ people to stay on site.

Birdseye view of Force IMI Training Facility campus in Florida.

Force IMI caters themselves to a little bit of everyone. This includes police and military forces, as well as first responders like firefighters and EMS crews, and even civilians with numerous tactical training courses. The Force IMI training center looks to be a stellar training center with excellent facilities and opportunities.

Hear it from Force IMI

“The changing nature of today’s threat environment necessitates corresponding changes to training methods and doctrines. We are actively supporting end-user communities nation-wide as they work to maintain a high level of readiness,” said Roy Levy, CEO of FORCE IMI. He further stated, “to this aim, the FORCE CENTER remains open and available to Federal, State and Local authorities responding to the current COVID-19 Pandemic. During these challenging times, we are committed to helping our local first responders and crisis management teams across Southern Florida.”

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