EDC-Survival | RE Factor’s Operator Band in Africa and Back in Stock

RE Factor - Colonial Maritime Raiding Force | RE Factor paper targets, tactical gear, and VA loan guides.
Need loot before Hit Time? They’re on Prime!  RE Factor paper targets are some of the best around, and their VA Loan Guide is just outstanding. 

Once upon a time, paracord bracelets (with melted nylon holding a spare button off your DCUs to fasten it) were made by your friends and only people who were in the military, or who had friends in the military (with too much time on their hands) wore them. Now they are a veritable (grunts: veritable) fashion statement. This isn’t necessarily a Bad Thing, though if you buy one at Academy Sports or Wal-mart you’re doing it wrong. In any case, there are a small number of 550 cord bracelets at the top of the paracord bracelet gene pool, and among the best of those is the RE Factor Operator Band. We like this particular form of ‘tactical jewelry’ because of it’s potential lifesaving use – and even if for 90% of the wearers that sort of preparedness is more of an indulgence than a need (grunts: indulgence) we believe genuine preparedness is something to be promulgated.

Oooh, that’s a good one eh? PROMULGATED! (Grunts: promulgate)

Here’s a picture of one somewhere over Africa:

Here’s where to buy it: Oh they are back in stock too! 

Here’s where we sign off.

RE Factor doesn't just make the best paper targets and tactical gear around, they have a superb online VA loan guide available.
Tactical equipment, paper targets, VA loan guidance | RE Factor Tactical.

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