New: Flat Face Agency P320 Trigger With Removable Trigger Safety Spring

| July 1, 2022
Categories: Guns

Agency Arms has advised the availability of a new, specific trigger for the M17/M18/P320 platform, to wit: 

Agency Arms LLC Mil-Spec Sig Sauer M17/320 Trigger

Agency Arms LLC is proud to announce our new Mil-Spec trigger designed for the SIG Sauer M17/18 and 320 series pistols. This trigger is based on our commercially available patent pending trigger for the SIG Sauer 320 series of pistols.

Working with a government entity the face of the trigger was changed to be completely flat, and the trigger safety/spring have been made removable for servicing. These triggers will be available directly from Agency Arms LLC to Law Enforcement and Military only.

There you have it. Short and sweet, just like Dolly Little. 

Also, FYI, it looks like Agency is going to be making a handgun for Ronin Tactics. There hasn’t been a formal release yet, but these have showed up on social, so….

Agency Arms Ronin Tactics Glock

Agency Arms Ronin Tactics Glock


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