eBenefits: What Is It, and How Do You Use It?

eBenefits - What is it, and how do I use it?
May 25, 2019  
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Despite the agency’s efforts to streamline things, there is still a lot of confusion about the VA eBenefits Login process (and the website itself). We’re gonna try to clear that up.

What is eBenefits?

That’s an easy one: eBenefits is a Veterans Administration website you can use to access your VA records and use them for benefits. It also functions as a resource site, providing links to other sites dealing with Veteran information and Veteran benefits.

You can do many things from the eBenefits website, including:

  1. Apply for VA benefits online
  2. Get your VA home loan eligibility certificate
  3. Transfer your GI Bill benefits to a family member
  4. Check out TRICARE information
  5. Get a copy of your DD 214

…and many other things too.


First, take me to the eBenefits Tour.



VA Benefits Information Links

Click blue links for VA benefit information.


Click the blue links below to be taken to each answer. 




VA Benefits: Common Questions

Before we begin exploring eBenefits, let’s answer a couple of very common questions.


What are the VA disability rates for 2024

How much money will you get every month? (This is one of the most common questions asked!)


How do I download a VA Benefit Letter?

Sometimes veterans require a letter proving their status (such as for education or employment benefits).


How do you access VA life insurance online?

You’ll log in from the My VA site with your DS Logon, My HealtheVet sign-in, or ID.me account.




Okay. Now we’ll press on.


1. 👉 Where is the eBenefits website?

Their website was at this url: www.ebenefits.va.gov/.

As of this update, their features and capabilities have been moved to https://benefits.va.gov/benefits/ to improve the Veteran experience.

2. 👉 eBenefits VA Login

What’s my eBenefits Login?

To log in to eBenefits, you must have what is called a DoD Self-Service Logon, more commonly referred to as a DS Logon. If you’re already in DEERS, then you’re eligible for a DS Logon.

If you have an account, log into eBenefits with your DS Logon.

If you do not yet have an account, then register for one on the eBenefits Gateway.

3. 👉 My eBenefits

This will vary depending on the question but can all be answered from your “dashboard.” The most common question seems to be:

How can I see my VA payment history

You can access that via eBenefits (or VA.gov, which will just transfer you to the same place). You will need Premium Access!


4. 👉 Is the eBenefits Website Down❓

If you are having trouble connecting online, this link will tell you if the website is down or if the problem is on your end. 


5. 👉 How can I add a dependent through eBenefits❓

Log into eBenefits and click Add Dependent on the left side of the page. Alternately you can click Add/Remove Dependent under the APPLY section of the eBenefits homepage.

There are two videos further below that will help you understand this process.

VA benefits: How to add a dependent using eBenefits

VA benefits: how to add a dependent using the online tool(s); you’ll need your eBenefits VA login and just a few minutes to get it done. 


Add a VA Dependent:


The Full Tour


I want you to join eBenefits infographic.

We’ll add to this periodically. If you have any hints, tips, or helpful information, leave it in the comments below!

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