Small American Business: Defensive Creations

defensive creations
| April 23, 2016
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Small American Business: Defensive Creations

Big Joe

Defensive Creations is the perfect picture of a Small American Business. Why, you ask? First, if you call Defensive Creations at 330-823-6906, Dave Laubert will answer the phone. Himself. If you want a custom 1911 built, Dave will be doing all of the work. He even test fires everything personally before it leaves the shop.

You should have caught on by now that Defensive Creations is a one-man shop where nothing is rushed or pushed to the side. The quality of work and customer satisfaction is what matters at Defensive Creations, because it matters to Dave Laubert.

Laubert has a long history of being a tinkerer, and likes to take things apart and improve them. He also has a history of riding and rebuilding dirt bikes and drag racing (note — with cars, not ‘girls’ with high heels and big adam’s apples) And guess what? He did the work himself on a lot of those dirt bikes and drag racecars.


[A Little Before/After]

I’m always interested how people get their knowledge and experience when it comes to custom work. Dave has been a machinist for most if not all his adult life. This makes him no stranger to working with metals and making precision cuts. His background in machining helped him become an amazing gunsmith.

Dave started doing gunsmithing work in 1999 after he had a bad experience with a gunsmith. After the bad experience, he thought to himself, Self…you could do this yourself. Why did I bother to send this off? And that’s where his adventure in building custom guns started, and opened the doors to Defensive Creations.


I asked Dave if he was nervous the first time he worked on other peoples’ guns. He explained that he had a guinea pig 1911 he would work on first if a customer wanted something he hadn’t done before. If someone wanted a new magwell installed on a 1911, he would first do the same sort of work on the guinea pig 1911 to make sure it was done right.


Another testament is to Dave’s amazing work is that he is the 48th member of the American Pistolsmiths Guild. That might not seem significant until you realize there are just 49 such pistolsmiths nationwide (you can find more information on the Guild here).

Defensive Creations does tons of custom work and full builds on 1911s, but they also work on Glocks, Smith and Wesson M&P, revolvers, AR-15s, and barrels. They offer a full lifetime warranty on any service they perform. That means as long as Dave is alive he will warranty anything that came out of his shop– though frankly after seeing the quality of his work, I doubt many guns will being going back for repairs.


Defensive Creation is local to Alliance, Ohio. This may not matter so some people, but people who do a ton of training will eventually find themselves at the Alliance Police Department Training Facility. Alliance has an amazing facility and is always booked solid with top name instructors. Good law-abiding citizens are welcome to train here as well. Dave makes it a point to stop by and see if anyone is having any gun issues (or you can ask Joe Weyer, the HMFIC, for Dave’s number). This is particularly nice because Dave can have you back to training in a very short amount of time. This small but significant benefit has helped a ton of people out.


I understand that not everyone is going to be in the market for a custom built 1911, and that’s okay. But if you’re ever in need of custom work or are having issues, Defensive Creations is a good place to start. And because Dave is an honest man, he isn’t afraid to recommend other great gunsmiths if he can’t help you out.


You can visit Defensive Creations online here.

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